20 Love/Hate Confessions About Being A Woman

Being a woman can be a real struggle sometimes. Scratch that…actually all the time.  I surveyed over 100 millennial girls and asked them what they love and hate about being a woman. Based on the most common answers, I came up with a top 20 list of things girls hate and love about their gender.

10 things that absolutely suck about being a woman:

  1. Having your period and/or cramps.
  2. Having to be the one to go through labor ~ seriously it is time men tried it.
  3. Getting paid less than men.
  4. Having to worry about getting raped.
  5. Still being expected by men to work AND take care of the house and kids by ourselves.
  6. Having to put on make-up, shave legs and under arms and fix hair. Men seriously have it to easy when it comes to getting ready.
  7. Having to work twice as hard as men to get a promotion.
  8. The struggle between enjoying sex and not wanting to be slut-shamed.
  9. Having to go through menopause.
  10. The pressure of media and society to have that “bikini body” – not all of us are made a size 0!

10 things that make being a woman worth it:

  1. Being able to have children. I bet men wish they could experience the joy of bringing your child into this world, without the pain of course.
  2. Not having to be embarrassed if we become aroused sexually at the sight of a man. If a guy gets aroused, it is extremely obvious (hello boner).
  3. We’re better at expressing ourselves and forming emotional bonds with our best friends. Most guys find it hard to break through that emotional barrier with their buds.
  4. Being treated by men on dates.
  5. The nurturing nature that comes with being a woman.
  6. We can improve our appearance via makeup.
  7. Not having the expectation to do the heavy and dirty work men do, unless you want to.
  8. Being able to have multiple orgasms.
  9. We enjoy a wider range of wardrobe choices.
  10. You get to feel needed and wanted throughout your life. As a mom you will always be needed by your kids, as a wife or girlfriend you will always be wanted by your significant other, and as a friend you’ll be needed and wanted by your besties.

It’s no lie that being a man or a woman both have their ups and downs. Sure, you complain about the downside more often than you brag about the upside but it’s time that you start embracing the kick ass parts about being who you are. At the end of the day, you only live one life so the only thing you can do is live it to the fullest.

Originally published on University Primetime by Lindsay Goobersoly

Featured image via Rafael Barros on Pexels


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