How Accidentally Stumbling Into A Sex Party In Berlin Liberated Me

Believe it or not, Berlin is famous for being kinky. The amazing music and experimental sex provides an intoxicating combination. Although I’ve had some intense sexual experiences in Berlin, I never stumbled across a full on sex party until recently.

My favourite club in Berlin is Berghain. It is such a liberating place, especially on a Sunday night. Getting in is the best feeling. It is the kind of place that is hard to explain, the kind of place you just have to experience for yourself. 

My partner and I returned to Berghain earlier this year for New Year’s Eve. Much to our surprise, LabOratory, a gay club that’s usually separate from the rest of Berghain, was open and in the middle of a 54-hour party. The music was incredible and people were having sex everywhere.

We finally found ourselves in the sex party we had been searching for for so long. 

I can’t even begin to explain the scene unfolding before our eyes. Berghain is famously secretive, and part of the joy of it is discovering it for yourself. But we did find the showers for the first time, and they are definitely not there for getting clean! Everyone was dressed up in amazing outfits; we saw harnesses and fishnets everywhere. I felt suitably overdressed so ended up taking off most of my clothes (and felt a lot happier)!

If you’ve never experienced it before, a sex party may sound intimidating. But honestly, I felt so safe and so liberated that my partner and I jumped right in. Some people find the very strict door policy exclusive. However, I find it that it allows for a safe space where most people understand that everyone is there for a good time. Respect and consent become sacred

By the time we left, I think my partner and I had sex nearly 10 times that night. 

Although I never felt quite confident enough to approach other people, plenty of bystanders watched us. It felt amazing! Having someone watch us f*ck is a massive turn on for me. As people were getting themselves off while they watched us have sex on a swing, I couldn’t help but think about how comfortable (and turned on) I felt.

The thing is, everyone in Lab seemed so happy. The music was euphoric and the crowd was high and united. There was a sense of relief, freedom, and release. We f*cked, we danced, we let go together.

Berghain feels like a spiritual experience. You push your sexual boundaries and connect with people on such a deep, intimate level for a very defined period of time. For me, it has definitely been transformative and every time I go I learn something new about myself.

Although it might sound a bit dirty and dark, that night in the dungeons of Berghain was actually very beautiful. Liberating, consensual, and very, very sexy.

Feature Image via Pexels


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