12 Pros And Cons About Fashion’s Latest Trend: The Black Tape Project

The latest craze in weekend wear has everyone doing a double take. And asking for another roll of duct tape because that’s literally what people are wearing out.


Created by designer Joel Alvarez, this trend has now been toured in Las Vegas, New York, Europe, and the Caribbean. Deemed “art” and “fashion,” this trend is meant to mimic the Miami nightclub scene and highlight “the natural beauty of the human body.” Note that says human yet I see no photos of men or women over 100lbs on this projects’ Instagram account.

After noticing how banging these ladies look all taped up, I can’t help but also marvel at how cost effective this lifestyle would be.  Yet I imagine it would be so painful, too. Here are some pros and cons of these new… umm… outfits, if you will.


  1. You don’t have to spend money on a new LBD
  2. You don’t have to worry about someone wearing the same thing as you because there is no way two people could have taped their private areas up in the same pattern
  3. If you start sweating, it won’t show
  4. If you spill anything, it won’t stain
  5. If something happens to fall apart while you’re out, you’re the perfect Mrs. Fix-It
  6. Getting so many likes/followers on social media


  1. You cannot rock this look unless you’re completely hairless… and can you imagine how long it takes to shave your entire body?!
  2. Even without hair, taking your tape off at the end of the night will hurt like a mother
  3. The ends of the tape could start to peel up as they get less sticky from any moisture on you
  4. People may try to sneak up and rip your tape off causing not only searing pain but indecent exposure
  5. Being turned down at places that require shirts
  6. Having to retape yourself after you use the bathroom

If you’re always ready for the new trend on the block, this might be for you! If you’re a standard, self-conscious person that texts their friend to make sure you’re wearing something similar enough so one of you won’t look awkward, this probably isn’t the look you should try to step out of your comfort zone. But to each their own! Happy styling my fashion forward friends!

Feature Image via Black Tape Project.


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