7 Tips To Help Ease Your First-Date Jitters


There is nothing wrong with getting butterflies before a first date. Besides, such nervousness could be a good sign. Think of it; you are nervous because you want to do something that matters to you, as you might eventually connect with this person, and they become a massive part of your life. 

If you were not anxious at all, chances are you won’t connect with the fellow, and you are not excited to go on a date at all. However, it is not a call to chicken out if your nerves act up right before your first date. Instead, consider tips to help you work through that anxiety.

Here are seven tips to help calm your anxiety right before your first date.

1. Pamper Yourself 

Your first date is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself and show a little extra love. Go ahead and try something nice to pamper yourself. Subject yourself to a little extra love as you prepare for your first date. 

Doing this right before your first date can help take the edge off. After all, you want to put your best foot forward. So go ahead and get that manicure, or treat yourself to a spa. Such treatment will set you in the mood for a great time out with your date.

2. Consider Natural Assistance

At times, you can be better off using a natural supplement to beat your pre-date anxiety. Kratom is one such natural substance you can use. It can bring about a positive state of mind in users, which can produce intense calmness. 

Kratom is a stimulant that makes it a perfect substance to calm your nerves as you prepare for your first date. It can keep you relaxed with your nerves under control when used before your first date.

Mitragynine and Hydroxy mitragynine (the alkaloids in kratom) can influence the opioid receptors present in the brain, which equips the body to better handle and process anxiety. You can consider buying a 3 Strain Variety Pack to keep calm before your date. 

3. Consider Meditation

Chances are, you are anxious because your mind is fixated on everything that can go wrong during the date. If your mind seems to be going haywire and you seem to have no control over it, go ahead and meditate.

Meditation can calm your nerves and reduce stress. It is the perfect tool to clear your mind so you can think straight and get the best from your upcoming date. Consider reciting a poem or saying a prayer; it will slow down the racing thoughts and keep you calm.

4. Be Realistic 

Having a broad idea of what to expect beforehand is a good idea, but keep it realistic. Love, at first sight, might exist in movies, but this is reality. You might be in for disappointment if you expect to walk out of date engaged. 

Most first dates are about getting to know each other and feeling one another’s vibe. Go with the mentality that you are just hanging out. Also, don’t expect it to be a perfect date. While there is nothing wrong with being hopeful, don’t expect to be swept off your feet. 

5. Get Busy Before The Date

Idleness is the perfect recipe for your mind to come up with a thousand and one things that might go wrong on your first date. However, if you are occupied, you can successfully keep anxiety at bay. However, if you are idle at home and checking the time every hour, you might mess up. 

While we want the date to be perfect, our mind hardly cooperates. As a result, get something doing. Go to the gym, get a book to read, go for a walk, anything. Have your friend come over and help give your confidence a boost

6. Do a Pre-Date Workout

When going for a date, you want to feel good about yourself, with your confidence level up. Sweating out at the gym can help you achieve this. Your time at the gym will help transform that nervousness into confidence. 

It can help you sweat out your fears and get your anxiety under control. Working out will flood you with endorphins which can help boost confidence. You will feel good about yourself, positioning you for optimum performance on your date.

If you work out, kindly do so in the early hours of the day. You don’t want to be tired or feel sore before your date, negatively impacting you. 

7. Banish the Negative Self-Talk

Chances are, there are voices in your head telling you negative things. Your mind is also not helping matters as it’s only fixated on things that can go wrong. What if I say something wrong? or my date doesn’t show up? What if my jokes are not funny?

These and many more are anxious self-talk that characterizes many people before a first date. Counter such negative thoughts with a positive affirmation. I am intelligent; I am handsome/beautiful; I am good looking. This person will be lucky to have me. Say these to yourself and let them sink into your consciousness. 

Getting cold feet before your first date is expected. However, see it as a chance to prepare yourself to make the best of your date. 

Here are seven easy tips that can help calm your nerves as you prepare for your date.

Photo by Jack Sparrow from Pexels


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