The Chainsmokers Low-Key Released 4 New Music Collabs This Week

Did you know that The Chainsmokers released 4 songs this week with huge music stars? No? Well neither do most people. This week, The Chainsmokers released “Give Me Love” featuring Justin Bieber, “Eyes” featuring Shawn Mendes, “Limitless” (cowritten and produced with Marshmello) and “Stronger” which both feature Halsey. With the success of their first collaboration together, it’s no wonder that Halsey and The Chainsmokers are collaborating once again for two more songs. Maybe, they’ll be as big of a hit as Closer?

While all these songs are so different from each other, they are all really upbeat. Do you expect anything less? This makes them all great songs to dance to in traffic or even at a club. Listen for yourself:

Give Me Love Ft. Justin Bieber

Eyes Ft. Shawn Mendes

Limitless Cowritten/Produced by Marshmello Ft. Halsey

Stronger Ft. Halsey

The Chainsmokers know how to make 2017 a great year. All these singles come after the release of their first studio album. They must love making music, which is totally okay because we are all OBSESSED! I can’t wait to see what The Chainsmokers has for the rest of 2017. We can only hope for more amazing and catchy tunes.

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