The Chainsmokers’ New Album Basically Says Goodbye To EDM

After months of teasing fans by dropping new music literally overnight for us to wake up to, The Chainsmokers have done it again! However this time, they dropped their highly anticipated album.

‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has arrived into the streaming world and this album its getting very mixed reviews.

We’ve already got quick tastes of some of the songs like the lead single “Paris,” “Something Just Like This” featuring Coldplay, and most recently, “The One.” But the rest of the album is fantastic….ish.

A lot of fans are bashing the duo for straying away from their traditional sound that made them famous with this album. Remember their major hit.. ‘Let Me Take A #Selfie‘? Well that version of The Chainsmokers are long gone.

I can see why their OG fans would be disappointed because it’s not The Chainsmokers they’ve come to love. But at the same time I think by them expanding on their genre is going to do them well, even if it is a little mainstream…

I’ll admit that I am not the biggest EDM fan, so I may be biased here. But I do really like this album. And I think the reason why is because it isn’t the typical rave/pop a molly type music. They are embracing a more pop, punk and a even hint of a country within this album.

“Breakup Every Night” is my favorite on the album. It has a mixture of slow and quick tempo with punk vibes. I could see Blink-182 performing this on stage or covering this at one of their shows. That’s how punk it seems to me. You can hear a sneak peak of the song below on their Instagram.

I found a majority of the album to be the same way in terms of tempo. It’s very slow for most of the song until the chorus comes in and you’re hit with an unexpected beat. I do have to say that are staying true to having catchy beats and rhythms you can easily dance to, but overall their songs are kind of a roller coaster and sounds like The Chainsmokers may be having an identity crisis. 

It’s almost like each song is two different songs and to be honest it’s plain confusing to listen to.

Lyrically the content they chose to write about is raw and real and I love it. Every song is catchy in it’s own way and they have certainly provided some new Instagram captions for all the basic girls out there.

Is the next ‘Closer‘ somewhere in the album you may ask. “My Type” is probably the next best chance at becoming a big hit. The rest in my opinion don’t really hit that level of need to play this on repeat.

Check out ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ on iTunes and Spoitify NOW and let us know your thoughts on The Chainsmokers new vibe.

Featured image via The Come Up Show / CC BY


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