7 Tips For Becoming The Fun, Supportive And Lovable Aunt

Being a parent is a magical experience, but being an aunt can be just as exhilarating. Whether you’re an aunt to your sibling’s children or the offspring of an incredibly close friend, you’ll love spending time with your nieces and nephews. Everyone loves aunts, but you need to make sure that you’re being a good aunt. Here are seven great tips that will make you a supportive, caring aunt who will help raise your nieces and nephews the right way.

Make Tasty Treats

An aunt can enjoy fun moments with their niece or nephew without all the responsibility, so learn some kid-friendly recipes.  You can even research some treats that the kids can help you to make. Cooking with the kids will give you a fun activity to do and will quickly cement your status as “favorite aunt.” After all, everyone loves food, especially kids! 

Involve Yourself In Their Lives

The best way you can show your love is to take a genuine interest in your niece’s or nephew’s life, from schooling to hobbies to their social lives. As they grow, you can give them a lift to an extracurricular meet-up or even chaperone a school event. When you take an interest in their daily schedule, your nieces and nephews will know that you’re a supportive, loving aunt.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Children grow up incredibly fast, so take lots of pictures with your nieces and nephews so that you can hold onto your memories of them as they grow up. Parents love to see photos of their precious little darlings, but make sure that you ask for permission before you share any pictures of the kids on social media. Videos are also a great way to capture special moments. Thanks to your smartphone, you can easily snap quality pictures and videos of your precious little ones throughout their lives. 

Purchase Age-Appropriate Toys

As an aunt, you may sometimes babysit your nieces and nephews at your home. Therefore, you should stock up on toys and activities that they can enjoy. You can keep a few simple toys somewhere or even learn to make fun toys that your nieces and nephews will be able to enjoy for years to come. You don’t need elaborate items to make their time with you fun and enjoyable, though. Oftentimes, children enjoy simple toys and games. They’ll enjoy the novelty of your toys since they aren’t the same toys and games that they play with in their own home. 

Teach Them Life Skills

Empathy, manners, and kindness are vital life skills for relatives to model for children.Therefore, help your nieces and nephews learn these skills when you can. Lead by example so that your niece or nephew sees how they can become a supportive, accepting adult who understands the importance of kindness. 

Share Memories With Them

As an aunt, focus on building fun memories with your nieces and nephews instead of just giving them material objects. Gift them an experience or even just share pieces of their heritage with them. Whether you take them to the zoo or show them photos of old family gatherings, both you and the children will benefit from these special moments. Of course, always find ways to share silly memories of their parents with them, too!

Know Your Limits

Many children face challenges throughout their developmental years. As an aunt, it’s important that you always provide your nieces and nephews with support and love. Some problems, like severe behavioural issues or learning difficulties, require a specialist’s help. If you notice an issue that their parents don’t see, suggest that their parents work with a professional like Daniel Wong, who can provide 1-to-1 coaching, to ensure that your nieces and nephews get back onto the path towards a happy, successful life. 

When they’re supportive and loving, aunts play a critical role in the lives of their nieces and nephews. These tips will help you have a positive influence on your younger relatives and become the aunt that your family needs.

Feature Image by Omar Lopez on Unsplash


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