Oh Sweet Niblets: The Cyrus Family Is Getting Their Own Reality Show

The Cyrus family is musically inclined, there is no doubt about that. It started with Billy Ray Cyrus in 1992, then Miley Cyrus in 2005, Trace Cyrus in 2006 (he was in the band Metro Station), and now Noah Cyrus with her hit single “Make Me”. Now 2 more members of the Cyrus clan are getting their round in show biz and it isn’t in music. And no, Jackson Rod Stewart (Miley’s on-screen brother from Hannah Montana) will not be featured either.

Tish, wife of Billy Ray, and Brandi, the oldest of the Cyrus children, are getting their own reality television show.

The show is all about interior design, so if you aren’t into those kind of shows then this may not be the show for you. The show does include some lame (but kind of funny) jokes, friendly banter between mother and daughter, and cameos of Miley (obviously). So, it could be for you after all. Who knows?

In the show Brandi and Tish both prepare designs for clients that are both presented. The clients pick which design they like best, and then Brandi and Tish BOTH have to work together to complete the design. Let’s just say, that the designs that were in the preview were AMAZING. So they both have great tastes in decorating.

Overall the show has some potential to be a great show. It may not be full of drama and inside scoops, but this could be a good twist of shows like Property Brothers and Fixer Upper.

I mean, it’s no Hannah Montana, but you still get to see Miley, her achey breaky dad, and new family members, so you really do get the best of both worlds.

Let’s wish Tish and Brandi the best in their television adventures!

Featured image via “Brandi Cyrus, Miley Cyrus” by ♥Karen♥-celebfan-lz215✿ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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