5 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Over the past year, there is something I have been working hard on, and it’s something I want everyone to work on, too. Comparing yourself to other people steals your confidence and joy. It’s something a lot of us do, but it ends up making us feel miserable. I don’t see many positives in comparison unless you’re trying to be more fit or eat better and look to a trainer to guide your process. These constant comparisons are something I have been trying to unteach myself so, I thought I would share some advice with you.

We each have different paths.

There is not one way to do life. Some of us may have kids by now, some of us may be managers, some of us may still be in school, and some of us may not know who we are yet. Whichever stage you are at, you’re doing great! We are not meant to walk down the same path of life. If you have a friend who you think is living life right, just remember this, they may be thinking the exact same thing about you. Trust me. There is not a right way to live your life because we all enjoy different things.

Limit your social media use.

For me, when I compare myself to others, it’s on social media. On Instagram or Facebook or any other app, we see photos of people having fun. Remember this, people don’t post the times they are sad; it’s only the great times that they brag about. Look at who you follow, and unfollow those who make you feel mediocre. Only follow people who make you feel awesome.

Make a gratitude journal.

The pages of this journal should only have positive things written on them. Grab a pen and write things that you like about yourself and the things you are grateful for. You can also write about great memories. Basically, just fill these pages with happy thoughts.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Every single person has their own strengths. If you compare yourself to someone who is creative and you’re not in the same way, well, of course, you’re going to feel bad. But, that creative person could want to be organized the way you are. Each of us has many wonderful traits, and if you focus on them you’ll be much happier.

Remember that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

This is an important point. You need to remember people don’t show others their weaknesses to everyone. You will never know the real story behind someone’s life. Yes, their world may seem perfect on the surface, but, what about internally?

It is so easy to take someone else’s accomplishments and let it cloud over your own. This is because people feel the need to compete with each other. We constantly compare our lives to other peoples’. Isn’t that sad? We need to look at our own personal successes. Our goals are different from what other people want in their future. Find the courage to face your own life, and live it the way you want to.

Do you have any tips to stop comparing yourself? Share them in the comments below!

Featured image via Jasmin Chew on Pexels


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