5 Struggles Of Dating A Night Owl When You’re An Early Bird

We all live on our own schedule. Some people are night owls who struggle with their 9-5 jobs, and some are early birds who don’t understand how you can have dinner at nine in the evening. Ideally, it would be nice if everyone accommodated our own schedules, but in reality, not everyone we meet will have the same sleeping schedule as us. It is especially difficult to keep adjusting your schedule when you are living with a person who seems to be in a separate time zone than you are. Even though opposites supposedly attract, having different sleeping schedules could be a deal breaker for some people. Here are five struggles every morning person/night owl knows when their partner has a completely different bed time.

  1. Forget about having breakfast together

Actually, any meal is problematic. As a morning person, you will most likely eat breakfast alone because your partner is going to be sleeping till lunch. Dinner is problematic too because, by the time your SO gets hungry, it will already be your bedtime. Brunch dates, however, will be the go-to meal that you will both enjoy together.

  1. No one is getting any sleep

It’s very tempting to wake up a night owl when you are bored out of your mind. In return, the night owl might keep you up at night while being on his/her phone while you try to go to sleep. The constant feeling of having to be quiet because your significant other is sleeping can get annoying pretty fast, let’s just hope that both of you are not light sleepers.

  1. When you go on vacation together you both have to compromise excessively

I am the type of person who likes to get breakfast and catch some rays of sun before noon. However, if you are on a vacation with someone who lives on a completely different schedule than you, this might be a problem. Those early morning excursions will be a pain for the night owl, and those late night parties will be a problem for the morning person. There will just have to be compromises made in order for you two to enjoy the vacation together.

  1. You probably have different interests and hobbies  

If you are an early bird you might like to do morning activities like taking those early classes at your gym or going for a hike. On the other hand, a night owl might want to take an evening job when you are already snoozing. And forget about ever getting your partner to walk the dog in the morning, a lot of effort will have to be made for this.

  1. Date night is problematic

Date nights become unnecessarily complicated, especially when you want to go to a place that closes at five on the weekend. If you want to visit an exhibit or go to a festival, most likely you and your SO will be late, or you might not be able to make it at all. So don’t get your hopes up when you want to make that matinee performance that you were craving to see. The same goes for all the places that open late. If the early bird is falling asleep by ten and the night owl wants to hit up that new club there might be a problem.

Even though having a different sleeping schedule can put a strain on any relationship, things can work out with some compromises. Plus, there are some positive aspects to not living on the same schedule as your partner, like you two can enjoy some productive time alone.

Featured image via Lamont Thompson on Pexels



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