28 Bad Dating Habits You Desperately Need To Lose By The Age Of 30

Dating is fun. It’s also a lot of trial and error. You have to figure out what you like. And sometimes that means erroneously returning to the same men who do not have your name saved on their phones. It’s all about balance.

You get to make out with hot guys and cry over the stupid ones, and you always have a funny story to tell your girls. Dating in your 20s is like that. 

However, take what you learn from dating in your 20s to dating in your 30s.

It’s not as funny anymore when your friends keep hearing about the same jerk you won’t break up with. You do have to learn and grow from your dating mistakes, or else you’ll be stuck with the same type of men who are overgrown children — and being an overgrown child is not sexy.

Here are 29 dating habits to break by the time you turn 30, gathered from our wise YourTango staff:

1. Dating.

*Cue uncomfortable laughter.*

2. Your sleeping arrangements.

Sleeping on a futon isn’t sexy anymore. It never was.

3. You’re not 21 anymore.

Drinking until you’re blackout drunk is fun only a handful of times.

4. Your clothing choices.

Stop wearing dresses that reveal everything.

5. Your traveling choices.

Stop staying in hostels, especially in dorm rooms with strangers. 

6. Worrying about the guys you dated in the past.

Are you obsessing over your high school sweetheart? Who cares what Josh is doing now? He cheated on you in college.

7. Worrying about more guys you dated in the past.

Are you obsessing over your college sweetheart? He also cheated on you in college.

8. Swearing.

Using the “f-bomb” every 5 seconds isn’t cute.

9. Makeup habits.

Wearing your makeup to bed does no one any good.

10. Not being in bed by 10:30.

Are you staying out all night? How do you have that much energy?

11. Age gaps.

Are you making out with 19-year-olds at parties? That man can’t even rent a car.

12. Living alone.

Living with your parents helps with money. But the toll it takes on your mental health is not worth it.

13. Getting with someone who doesn’t have their own place.

Dating someone who lives with their parents might feel like sneaking around in high school. But catching his dad making coffee in the morning while you’re sneaking out doesn’t have the same effect when you’re 30. (Although some people make a convincing case for the opposite.)

14. Not having your own money.

Are you borrowing money from your parents to take someone on a date? Are you 13?

15. The number of your partners.

Having multiple one-night stands isn’t as fulfilling as you think it is.

16. Kissing your friends.

Making out with your BFFs at bars for attention won’t work for you anymore.

17. Kissing your boyfriend everywhere.

Making out with your boyfriend at bars for attention will only annoy people.

18. Still holding out for a reunion.

Carrying a torch for anyone you haven’t seen in the last five years is exhausting. Move on.

19. Hating all men.

Declaring an entire gender “all jerks” isn’t fair. You had some blame for those relationships failing as well.

20. Not caring about your vagina.

Skipping regular gyno exams isn’t good.

21. Your celebrity crush.

Crushing on Justin Bieber isn’t fun anymore. That man peed in a bucket.

22. Expecting a fairytale romance.

Expecting a man/knight in shining armor to swoop in and save you isn’t going to happen.

23. Tinder.

Using Tinder to pick up guys isn’t working. Clearly. 

24. Your courting techniques.

Expecting a man to do all the wooing? Come on, Ms. Feminism.

And a few, courtesy of Twitter:

25. “You shouldn’t date anyone under 25.” — @GiaKaleena 

26. “Going to nightclubs every weekend and getting drunk. Have some morals and responsibilities.” — @gfernandez1989 

27. “Saying: “I’ll settle down when I get older.” — @MacTalian 

28. “Clubbing at 18+ clubs.” — @GagaxJudas 

So, there you have it! These are definitely some things you should stop doing before you turn 30 to avoid ending up unhappy. Do you have any additions? Let us know in the comments below.

Originally written by Alex Alexander on YourTango

Featured image via Monstera on Pexels


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