I Did A 30 Day Ab Challenge And Here’s What Happened

Over the past month, I decided to try a 30-day ab challenge all thanks to this beautiful app. My girlfriend recommended this after she noticed an insane level of success after completing a 30-day squat challenge. I’m all for trying new things and after seeing her bootyful transformation I thought, “hmm, maybe this can work for me.”

This is the app I used.


Each day you are given a certain number of sit ups, crunches, leg raises, and seconds of a plank to perform. The number usually increased by two or so every day. The best part of this plan was that you got a rest day every four days! And who doesn’t love a good rest especially when doing core killers?

To start off this challenge I was fairly healthy, but had recently put on a bit of weight. My goal was to see if it made me slim down. After every completed day I would cross off as complete, I would also make a little note as to how the workout went. Here’s a few of them just to see the progress.

Day One: It wasn’t too hard, finished in a decent time.


Day Seven: Everything was fairly easy until now. I’m noticing I can do more sit up’s consistently now and I don’t have to stop for a rest until I complete fifteen in a row. Plank is still a struggle.


Day Ten: Crunches have gotten easier and I can now do 20 sit-ups without stopping for a break. Planks have become a breeze. Leg raises….. WHY!? THEY HURT! There’s a song called “Do It Til Your Legs Shakin’,” and I think they refer to leg raises instead of sex.


Day Thirteen: Before this day I was used to doing more sit up’s than crunches, but today they switch. I’m finding I can do more crunches at a time without a break, but I’m still struggling. Feeling slightly unmotivated seeing the number increase, but confident I can do it.


Day Twenty-Three: I’m shocked but unbelievably proud I can do 100 sit ups in a day, with a few breaks in a row. Leg raises still suck.


Day Thirty: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The main things I learned/noticed over the past thirty days was that my body did somewhat slim down. I made the mistake of not measuring around the waist to see how much slimmer I got. I was a bit underwhelmed by the lack of a difference it made visually, granted, I didn’t make the greatest changes in my diet and you’re supposed to be eating healthy while doing it. But I did still see a difference, so I was very pleased by that.

What was most surprising was how I could actually complete the tasks. I used to dread doing anything to my abs because I would do five sit ups and fall on my back and not want to complete. For the first week or so the app was programmed perfectly to slowly increase your ability to perform more of the activity you were doing. I loved the feeling of being able to reach a new goal every day.

Not only did I surprise myself by being able to complete the daily requirement, but I could feel a change in my abs. If you have a strong core, you develop a new technique of doing other physical activities that help you perform better such as squats, weightlifting, and even walking. My posture was a lot better and it helped get rid of my lower back pain. Overall I felt better about myself!

A great site I found for finding more info on healthy foods and supplements is HealthTrends.com

To sum it up here is my quick advice to get better results after knowing what I know now:

  • Change your diet a bit
  • Measure yourself beforehand
  • Don’t be afraid to take breathers in between your challenge. If you’re having difficulty doing forty seconds of plank, lower yourself and rest for a bit before continuing
  • Stretch your core after you finish to prevent feeling pain at every movement the next day

Overall I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking to make a change and work towards slimming your waist. You’ll surprise yourself at how much you can accomplishment in a short amount of time. I know I will be continuing with these exercises to help get to the body goal I have set for myself.

Featured image via Kayla Itsines



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