5 Subtle Things That Make Working Out So Sexy

Everyone loves a hot bod. They like to have a hot bod, they like to date a hot bod, they watch hot bods in movies, and the list goes on. But what does it really mean to have a great physical structure? There is so much more than just having everyone do a double take or drool over you at the pool. When you work out, you’re sending some pretty bold messages into the world.

  1. You can be committed

You don’t just give up. When you want something, you work until you get it and then you hang on to it. Working out doesn’t produce results overnight. Going to the gym needs to become a habit and that place will be your home away from home. Once you have attained your goal, whether it be losing weight or having sculpted muscles like a statue, you don’t just stop. You have to stay committed to that. Think of all the other things you could stay committed to.

  1. You won’t die suddenly

Well you might. From either dropping a bar on your chest and choking or from getting hit by a rogue bus as you cross the street. But your odds of death by natural causes are way lower! No fear of heart attack or artery clogging with you! By keeping your muscles and lungs strong, you’re going to be around for a long time.

  1. You care about yourself

Not only do you want to look good, but you want to feel good. We all know you get endorphins from working out and endorphins make you happy (thank you Elle Woods). If you’re happy, your attitude will make other people happy, and everyone loves being around happiness. You know that because you workout, you can’t just put shit in your body and you know that other people shouldn’t either. If you’re happy and a good influence, how could anyone not be attracted to you?

  1. You’re hiding something hot under those clothes

The second you say that you work out, everyone’s mind will start picturing what it is you work out and what it looks like when it’s exposed. It gives you a mysterious allure right off the bat. We want to spend time with you; we want to get to know you; we want to be comfortable with you. That’s when the clothes come off and all your hard gym work is on display.

  1. You’ll keep me inspired

You have a hot bod, you aren’t going to die tomorrow, you are committed, and you are healthy. How can someone not want to be just like you?! You keep everyone you know on the right track just by being around. We see what this hard work results in and we know that we can do it too. By being such a great example, you inspire those around you. Then those people will start seeing progress in their fitness ventures and inspire others, and you’ve started a wonderful chain of events.

Fitness is so much more than having that hot bod but we all know that is the result that we strive for. It is most obvious and it is most attractive. But these other key factors are what keep people on track and what inspires others to get on track. With the right workout and the right diet, you can still look hot and have a fun life with beers and cheese fries. It’s all about balance and surrounding yourself with people who know how to keep that balance.

Featured Image via riverviiperi.


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