6 Things To Do Before Your Next Hot Date


Dating can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience. Whether this is the first date with someone you’re excited about, a milestone date or a celebration of a well-loved marriage, a hot date leaves you plenty to be excited about. While the date itself may be a lovely time, preparing can be far less fun and a hot date requires a bit of extra effort. You cannot just settle for just another outfit and your standard skincare routine. To help ensure that you are fully prepared for this moment, here are six things that you need to do before your upcoming hot date.

1. Prepare Your Body

If you want to look your best, you’ll need to boost the natural beauty of your skin. Take time to shave with your lavender shaving cream, exfoliate to remove dead skin and moisturize. Don’t let dull skin detract from your date look. By ridding yourself of excess hair and dead skin and then properly rehydrating, you’ll help bring out the gorgeous glow of your skin.

2. Groom Your Gorgeous Locks

Your hair is another element of your look that can help boost your confidence for your big date; however, finding that perfect hairdo can be stressful and difficult to achieve. Gift yourself the relaxing experience of a blowout and hand over the reins of your hair to a hairstylist. Instead of stressing out over the perfect look for your hair, hit your local blow dry bar for ease, relaxation and care before your big date.

3. Boost Your Natural Beauty

Once your hair looks fabulous, don’t forget to pair that with a careful application of makeup. Apply products that promote your natural beauty and highlight your favorite features. Whether that is a smokey eye that accentuates your stunning eyes, a bold lip to bring out your beautiful pucker or something natural, light and glowing to give you that little extra something, make sure that your makeup look enhances your fantastic face.

4. Find an Outfit That Makes You Feel Confident

While a sexy dress is always a good fallback for a hot date, it is more important that you find an outfit that makes you feel confident and sexy. Selecting an ensemble that is too far outside of your comfort zone is bound to ruin your experience of the date. Regardless of whether you want a strappy top, something with more cover or a slinky, sexy dress, select something from your closet that feels uniquely you and brings out your most confident side.

5. Take Steps to Avoid Bloating

One of the easiest ways to drain your confidence on a big date is to feel bloated. Even if you aren’t wearing something particularly form-fitting, if your body feels unbalanced, you are bound to struggle to feel your best. To help you prepare, take steps to debloat and drink plenty of water. While drinking water may seem counterintuitive, you actually can help your skin glow and reduce the likelihood of retaining water by staying sufficiently hydrated.

6. Use Relaxation Strategies

Regardless of whether this is your first date or your hundredth, hot dates can bring up a lot of anxiety. If you truly want to enjoy the full experience and not worry about stress and anxiety, take time to relax beforehand. Breathing strategies, yoga, dancing, listening to music and other forms of stress management can help you be more present and less anxious on your date. While your date preparation may largely be around bringing about your sexiest, confident and gorgeous look, a bit part of that is also the internal preparation of reducing your stress.

Date preparation doesn’t have to be stress-filled and anxiety-provoking. Instead of letting your hot date fuel your stress response, use these tips to look and feel your best for your upcoming hot date. Bring out your sexiest self with these game-changing preparation tips and you’ll be sure to look and feel amazing.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels



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