20 Struggles Only People With A Baby Face Realize

I’ll be 21 years old next month, and someone at my job the other day asked me: “When do you graduate from high school?” I almost choked. Then, he almost choked when I told him I’ll be 21 in less than a month. That is just one of the very many struggles of having a baby face. All of these incidents have happened to me, and I really, really hope I am not the only one.

20. Weird looks people give you when you show them your ID.

“You’re really 21?”

19. Having to show your ID everywhere. Even at R rated movies.

18. Not being taken seriously by everyone.

17. The smirk you give the bouncer at a club when you’re allowed in.

16. People not believing you when you tell them your age.

15. Hearing “you’ll appreciate it when you’re older!” all the time.

I get it, I’ll look young when I’m fifty. You don’t need to repeat it!

14. Getting pulled over just to see if you’re old enough to be driving.

13. Trying to dress to make you look older, but you end up looking like a hooker.

12. Being called “cute” or “adorable” by people your own age.

What am I, five?

11. Being paranoid that people will think your significant other is a pedophile.

10. If you’re a girl, you look twelve without make up. And thirteen with it. 

9. If you’re a guy, you look ten without a beard. 

8. Everyone says “awww” when you laugh.

Is my laugh amusing?!

7. Your friends always poke fun at you when restaurants have “kids eat free” nights.

6. Younger people hit on you.

Like, excuse me, I’m not in middle school.

5. If you’re a teacher, you get mistaken for the student.

4. People think your friends are babysitting you when you go to parties with them.

3. You try to prove them wrong by showing you CAN twerk.

2. You still get asked to prom.

I graduated 3 years ago!

1. Despite looking young, at least you know you’ll always look fabulous no matter what age you are. Work it!

We’ll appreciate it when we’re older, right? RIGHT?

Originally published on University Primetime.

Featured Image via claudiatihan.


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