20 Types Of Girls You See On A College Campus

Most girls like to brag that they’re not like other girls, but when you’re hanging around on a college campus, you’ll find that the opposite is more likely true. Most girls can fit into certain archetypes or stereotypes.

Pick a college, any college. Go there and you’ll be sure to find these types of young women. Some of them are relatively easy to spot. Others, you’ll have to look at a little more closely to determine which category they fit in.

20. The one who’s rebelling hardcore against her parents.

Maybe she had a very sheltered upbringing or maybe she’s just a brat. Whatever the case may be, this girl is doing everything she can to go against her parents rules. She drinks heavily, gets a tattoo, starts dating a total creep, and basically goes wild. This can last anywhere from a few months to, well, forever.

19. The one who will hook up with anything that moves.

No judgement. It’s just a fact.

18. The one who doesn’t drink or swear.

No one would really even notice that she doesn’t drink or swear, except that she always has to point it out.

17. The one who’s been dating the same guy since 9th grade.

At this point, she seems like she’s practically married. She certainly acts like the patron saint of long term relationships and takes it upon herself to give relationship advice to everybody.

16. The one who’s “doing the long distance thing” with her high school boyfriend.

She always has to cancel on plans because of a Skype date with her boyfriend. They usually fall asleep on Skype together, which is kind of cute, unless you’re this girl’s roommate.

15. The sorority girl who’s obsessed with being a sorority girl.

She never goes anywhere without her letters on her jacket, bag, or yoga pants. She never goes anywhere without at least one of her sisters either.

14. The sorority girl you’d never know is in a sorority.

She’s not overly girly and doesn’t appear in any of the typical sorority garb: UGG boots, Patagonia, or North Face. Mind blown.

13. The “I can’t, I’m so busy” girl.

This is the girl you see rushing to and from class with a ton of papers and books in her arms. She must be pre-med or something, because she never has time for anything.

12. The one who works too hard for her own good.

Even if her major isn’t necessarily demanding, she still puts a ton of pressure on herself to do everything perfectly. She’s always in the library, going to extra credit review sessions, or lamenting the B+ she got on her last test.

11. The one who’s impossibly spoiled.

She has a brand new MacBook Pro and iPhone 6 Plus that have both been replaced half a dozen times because Daddy doesn’t care how many times she loses or break them. It must be nice.

10. The athlete.

You have to respect this girl for always getting up early to lift weights or swim laps in the pool. She also seems like she must be pretty comfortable because she goes to class everyday in sweats. That’s a lifestyle we can all get behind.

9. The girl who says she doesn’t care and honestly means it.

Lots of girls like to say they don’t care what other people think of them, but every once in while, you come across someone who genuinely means it. Whether that means mismatched clothes, little to no social aspirations, or what have you, these girls actually exist.

8. The party-all-the-time girl.

The fact that she has the stamina to go out every night is kind of impressive. And also kind of worrisome.

7. The hot mess.

She gets drunk and ends up sobbing and vomiting on herself all the time. She falls asleep in class frequently, and all of her friends willingly admit she’s crazy, yet they love her still. The hot mess is usually seen on campus in an oversized hoodie and shorts that are pretty much invisible under the long sweatshirt.

6. The one who’s always involved in a different cause.

This week she’s marching on Washington to legalize marijuana, next week she’s participating in a sit-in to demolish the whaling industry. You can spot her easily because of the different promotional t-shirts and buttons.

5. The girl who’s just one of the guys.

She can guzzle beer, watch football, talk about sex and bowel movements with no filter, and hang with the guys like nobody’s business. Basically, if Jennifer Lawrence went to your college, she’d be this chick.

4. The hot one who gets straight A’s.

Beauty and brains. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

3. The hot one that barely passes any of her classes.

Looks can only get you so far, especially if you don’t even try to study.

2. The never-puts-down-her-phone girl.

It’s a wonder she can make it to class without walking into the side of a building because she seriously never looks up from her phone. Ever.

1. The hipster girl.

She’s a vegan and eats gluten-free even though she’s never heard of celiac disease. She wears beanies and plastic-rimmed glasses everywhere. Her lifelong dream is to one day go to Burning Man and fall in love with a like-minded hipster with a beard.

See yourself in any of these archetypes? I bet you do. But there is no doubt you are more than that underneath. Maybe just try to branch out a bit next semester.

Originally published on University Primetime 

Featured Image Via College Weekly


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