8 Things To Remember When You Start To Feel Regret

“Never regret any of your past relationships. Love is never a mistake. It is either a very good relationship or a very good lesson.” – Kisstopher

Regret is a very negative emotion we humans experience. There always comes a point in our lives where we say, “I can’t believe I let this happen to me, I should’ve known better,” especially right after a bad relationship. It’s only after some time has passed that we realize that whatever happened, happened for the best. We should never regret our past, as it is the best teacher we have. Consider the following when you are feeling blue about your past:

It’s better to have loved and failed than to never have loved at all 

We are always so scared of getting hurt that we tend to close ourselves off to the world and its experiences. However, love is a feeling which cannot be explained, only experienced. It is only when you experience it is when you realize how truly wonderful and liberating it really is.

Only after the bad will you appreciate the good

If life were all roses, you would never be able to appreciate the true beauty of it. In order to appreciate the true value of life we must experience the good and the bad. It is only then will we learn to value and cherish the good that comes our way.

Every experience is a life lesson

What is life without lessons, right? The right way to live life is to learn from every experience rather than getting disheartened by it. Every relationship will teach you something new and valuable and these lessons are what we need to take forward in order to better our lives.

It helps you realize who you are and what you are capable of

Until we experience pain in some form, we don’t realize how much we are capable of bearing. We tend to underestimate our ability to handle pain. It is only after a negative experience that we realize how much strength we have within ourselves.

Everything in life happens for a reason 

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. If someone didn’t stay in your life, it’s because they weren’t meant to. Either they were just plain wrong for you or their part in your story was over. Either way, good riddance. Now you have room for someone better to come by. 

It makes you accountable for your own actions 

We as humans love to play the blame game. We are always blaming someone else or the situation for our failures and shortcomings. However when a relationship goes south or a person treats you badly, you learn to take responsibility of your own actions and judgment.

Helps us learn a very important lesson of self-forgiving

Even though we need to be accountable for our own actions, we should not keep beating ourselves over it forever either. When thought about with a clear mind, a bad past helps us to be forgiving towards ourselves instead of wrongly blaming ourselves for anything wrong that happened. Always remember, if things didn’t work out the way you expected, it was not your fault. 

Helps you become a better judge of situation and character

Our past experiences help us become a better judge of people. It at least gives us a better idea as to who truly deserves to be in our life and who doesn’t. You learn who to invest your time on and who to let go. It also teaches you what qualities you want in the person and what kind of relationship you are looking for. This crucial experience will help you to never settle for anything less than the very best.

Thus, never regret your past, it made you who you are today. It is these experiences that shaped you into being the best version of yourself. Don’t be scared to make mistake and take chances. The only thing you will regret at the end are the chances that you didn’t take. Learn to accept your past without any regret, live your present with confidence and face your future without fear, that is the true way of life.

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