10 Songs To Help Heal You From Your Childhood

Most of us have gone through difficult experiences in childhood. We all have sad and happy memories, whether it’s a divorce, a car accident, or bullies. 

If you feel impacted by some of these memories, one way to relieve stress is through music. Research shows that music can be a helpful tool in developing resilience in those who have experienced trauma. Some therapists and counselors also play music in therapy sessions for clients to overcome grief. 

So, if you want to have a music therapy session with your inner child, here are ten songs you can choose: 

1. Wavin’ Flag by K’NAAN

If you feel devastated about your childhood dreams, this song will help you realize that you have developed into a person your childhood self would love you for. So although you may feel that the world is bleak, you did become an inspiration.

2. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

This song will remind you of the process of growing up. Your childhood years were difficult with so much to experience. But as you grow older, you’ll notice how these experiences shaped you. And you’ll know when to be there for your inner child. 

3. Let It Go by Frozen

Remember when Elsa sang this song to discover who she was? Let It Go is about acknowledging our past and working towards understanding our future selves. It’s hard to move on from the past. But that being said, there’s always something to look forward to. 

4. Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World 

This song can sum up everyone’s elementary to high school experience. You may have had people against you, such as friends who tried to put you down. But in the end, you got through it.

5. Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande 

Spreading a little kindness can do wonders, especially if it’s forgiving your childhood self for not making the best decisions. After all, iyour childhood self needs to know that they made a difference in your own world. And this song will remind them of that. 

6. Life Support by Rebecca Horn 

In the song, Rebecca sings about trauma. There are times when we will hit rock bottom. And if this happens, know that your inner child will always be there for you and forgive you. 

7. Easy On Me by Adele 

One of Adele’s most popular songs is about forgiving your past and moving forward. The mellow vocals combined with the song’s slow tempo may help you scream at the difficulties you faced. None of the situations which happened to you were your fault. So, it’s best to go easy. 

8. Remember Me by the Birthday Massacre

If you have gone through family challenges, this song will speak to your heart. Moreover, if you have not been supported by strong adults as a child, your emotions will resonate with the lyrics too. After all, this song is about leaving pieces of your past self behind and growing into a new person. 

9. I Forgive You by Kelly Clarkson 

We need to cut ourselves some slack, especially when thinking of the challenges we faced as children. But you can forgive yourself and your childhood acquaintances for what happened. And, in the process of healing, they’ll forgive you too. And Kelly Clarkson reminds us of that.

10. Forever Young by Rod Stewart 

You’ll always have a piece of your childhood self, regardless of how old you are. The song Forever Young reminds us of this: Our childhood selves will never leave us and will always cheer us on wherever we go. 

Childhood may seem like a long time ago, but the experiences have shaped us as adults. The memories we gather will last us for a lifetime. If you’ve had a bad childhood experience, you’re not alone: Your experiences made you stronger and wiser. But if you’ve had plenty of happy memories, you can cherish those through music as well. After all, your childhood self will love you for the person you are and the person you’ll become.

Featured image via Marcelo Chagas on Pexels


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