Takes Two To Tango: Why You Need To Get Over The Double Standard For Sex

I can’t help but wonder…why is it that when women like sex, it’s automatically assumed we are sex maniacs? Or that we are abnormal? Addicted? Sluts?

I mean, sex seems to be pretty normal and expected among the male population.

Men will sleep with whomever they please. And when you ask them how many women they’ve slept with, they will reply with “you don’t want to know ;).” When a man alludes to their sexual escapades, we don’t react with disgust, but rather  with understanding and a sense of expectation.  Well, let me tell you if a woman gave a response like this, words would be FLYING. Words like Slut, Whore, Floozy.

I think Amy Schumer says it best.



giphy (2).gif

giphy (3)

giphy (4)

It’s like we are all just Virgin Mary’s running around ready for these very experienced men to show us the ropes. I’m sorry men, but this is probably not the case.

I’ve been told by multiple men, that when a women is good in bed or is excited about sex, they automatically start to think about how many men she might have slept with to get here. As if engaging in as much sex as men is a stepping stone on our way to becoming damaged and untouchable.

From worrying about ournumber getting too high,” to wondering if we tell the new guy we are seeing how many previous partners we’ve had, women live in constant fear of the judgment they will face. Frankly, it just makes you squirm even discussing it. Or reading about it. Who’s behind your shoulder right now? (Made you look, hehe).

Now, I’m not promoting you to go out and sleep with the first male you see, like the guy handing you your morning bagel with extra cream cheese or the bartender serving you your 6th Cosmo.

I mean, my personal belief is that sleeping with someone should always be a decision that is made with consideration and responsibility.  Although, I do think you should do whatever the heck YOU want, without feeling ashamed in the process of having or liking sex.

If all these men are having so much sex, but still expecting women to be inexperienced, then who the heck are all the men sleeping with?!

We are humans too. And let’s be honest, we have the same desires too. After all,

It takes two to tango.

Featured image via Artem Everest on Unsplash


  1. Can you please credit Maud challard or this photo? Just because a couples account features images does not mean try are the artist, thank you!

  2. THIS IS GOLD “If all these men are having so much sex, but still expecting women to be inexperienced, then who the heck are all the men sleeping with?!”

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