Why You Need To Celebrate The Significant Moments In Your Relationship

Long term relationships all have ruts. It’s a common occurrence, no matter how long you’ve been together. The easiest way to avoid them, and even get out of them when they hit you, is to celebrate the little things!

Things as simple and as little as a new restaurant opening down the street or an unseasonably warm evening. They could be as big as the anniversary of when you met the other’s parents or when one of you nailed a job interview. So many events happen in our everyday lives that we can be thankful for and celebrate! As time goes on those things happen more and more.

Your favorite tv show is back for a new season? Make dinner together, cozy up on the couch, and watch together for a date night in. Did one of you recently go back to the gym after an injury? Why not celebrate your health with a stroll down by your favorite park or a picnic?

When you switch up your routine, you’ll both feel like you’re living on the edge. Living on the edge doesn’t have to mean glamorous or dangerous; it simply means breaking the norm! Doing these little things out of the ordinary will help keep both of you excited and giddy.

Any night could become date night and that is what makes dating so fun!

There is no rush to settle down or find your routine. Television shows and parents alike will make you think that a long-term relationship means going to work, making dinner, maybe going out once a week, saving money for kids and houses, then getting those things and having to clean them all… for the rest of your lives.

As if.

Regardless of the stage of your relationship, there will be responsibilities. Regardless of the length of time you’ve been together, there will be reasons to celebrate. Regardless of all your joint bank investments, there will be time to live it up! Finding a person to be with in this crazy, sad, violent world is a cause for daily celebration!

So yes, get all dolled up for your half-iversary. Buy that bottle of wine with dinner when your partner gets a promotion. Light those candles when you successfully bake chicken for the first time.

Remember that fun, spunky you that was always around when the sparks were first flying and reignite the flames all the time.

From here on out, until death or other circumstances do you part, vow to celebrate more. There will always be bumps in the roads, so what! Don’t focus on all those bad days at the office or fights because you’re overtired. Every day is a new chapter together that you will both be experiencing, why not try to make it the best one yet.

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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