How Much You Should Actually Spend On These 8 Essentials

Everyone works hard for their money. If you have an easy job or are stuck doing double shifts to rake in the dough, it still hurts to spend it all in one place. There are so many flashy signs and coupon deals that make you think what you’re buying is worth that change in your pocket. It can be hard to keep saving but you have to weigh your options between a fancy new jacket and a handful of new summer staples.

What’s Worth The Money

1. A Black Blazer:

You can’t go wrong when spending on a jacket. Blazers will make almost any look become more professional without having to get a whole suit. Spending a lot on a jacket once will mean you won’t have to replace it and you’ll waste less money in the long run. Try pairing this staple with an everyday sundress.

2. Shoes: 

If you wear them a lot, they need to be comfortable, am I right? Whether it’s a pair of sneaker or heels, making sure they won’t give you blisters or fall apart after a week is a good idea. And once you find the brands you love, you’ll have an easier time shopping when you need, or want, a new pair. It’s not worth continuously re-buying a pair of shoes you wear everyday, spend the money once and it will last you significantly longer.

3. Jeans:

Most days between September and May, we are wearing jeans. It’s important not to waste money buying ones that will stretch out or fray too much around the knees because you’ll keep having to replace them. Instead, invest in one good skinny pair and one good distress pair; make sure the latter has reinforced stitching around the holes so they don’t get bigger.

4. Hairdryer:

You know exactly what I mean. Why spend $29.99 every few months when you can spend a solid $100 to $150 and save yourself the hassle of running to Target with wet hair and/or having a bad hair day during a big presentation. Hair dryers not only help us straighten our hair but they save us from getting a cold in the winter. Those are big shoes to fill and shoes, as we know, cannot be skimped on!

What’s Better For A Bargain

1. Tee Shirts:

So many places take a plain white tee, emboss their logo on it, and make you pay way more for one than you would for a 5-pack of Hanes. If you’re looking for a cotton tee to wear under a flannel or to go with your boyfriend jeans, don’t waste your money on anything special. Hit up your local Target and buy the 5-pack in every color. The details of those layers typically go unnoticed.

2. Bra and Panty Sets

We all like to surprise bae with a sexy surprise now and again. But don’t let those Victoria’s Secret ads trick you into thinking they are the only option for looking good under your clothes. Aerie always has BOGO deals or way-more-undies-than-VS for $25! Even getting some lacy Hanes at your local department store will keep your partner’s eye on you. You don’t wear these things for too long so spend your dough?

3. Sundresses:

These light cuts of fabric are hard to wear for most of the year and shouldn’t be treated with such high regard in our bank accounts. Merely a layer or two of airy fabric, spending too much would be silly for the lack of use you’ll be getting out of it. Getting a solid colored one, maybe a floral pattern, or some lacy style will help you through the season.

4. Scarves:

Year round, linen scarves can be worn and are easy to find. Like bathing suit patterns, the look of these accessories change quite quickly and it’s best not to get too attached to one brightly colored item. Having a few neutrals will boost your ability to accessorize each outfit you have differently.

In celebration of National Splurge Day, go out and grab yourself one of each splurge-worthy item. Marvel in the newness, but also marvel in how quickly these items pay for themselves!

Featured image via Jack Sparrow on Pexels


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