9 Easy Meals For The College Student Who Can’t Cook

You’re starving. The leftovers are gone, but you may die if you have to wait until the chicken bakes. Rummaging through cabinets and the refrigerator hoping a fresh casserole appears is only taking away from the little energy left in you. But all those random things that look like nothing can create something. These options may not be meal-prep worthy but they fill the tummy until someone goes grocery shopping.

Grilled cheese

It seems so basic to think bread and cheese can make a meal, but a grilled cheese kicks those simple ingredients up a notch. A warm and melty sandwich is a quick trick to fix that hunger.

grilled cheese

Tuna sandwich

Mixed with mayonnaise and siracha, this makes the perfect spread for a fast meal. Adding some cheese or veggies to the sandwich gives you a well-rounded bite.

tuna sandwich

Breakfast for dinner

If you go to IHOP drunk after the club, eating breakfast for dinner is on the same level. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and all the fixins are just as yummy regardless of time of day.

second breakfast

Peanut butter and jelly

Kids had it the best. PB&J for dinner is a flashback to lunch in the cafeteria with your homies, trading Snack Packs for Slim Jims. Grab that bag of chips as a side and bust open a bag of candy for dessert.

pbj time


Soup is usually cheap and I always try to have some in the cabinet in case of emergency. With all the hearty and/or chunky varieties out these days, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be satisfied.

joey soup

Pasta with oil or dressing

If you have an oil based dressing, mix that into a bowl of pasta for a new alternative to spaghetti sauce. No dressing? You can sprinkle cracked pepper, parmesan cheese, or other spices to give yourself a homemade Top Ramen.


Personal pizza

Think, bagel bites that don’t have to thaw. Adding sauce and cheese to anything will curb your appetite for that pizza you can’t handle waiting for.



Anything you have in the kitchen can be made delicious when put between tortilla chips and cheese. They are an easy dish to snack on throughout the evening or to stuff your face with all at once.


Ramen with egg

A broke college kid classic. When the noodles are almost finished, crack an egg over the pan. It’s like egg drop soup but you didn’t have to order it from take out.


None of these offer a gourmet dining experience, but beggars can’t be choosers. Try to keep the staples of bread, cheese, and eggs around the house for times like this. They are easy to incorporate into cheap meals and not too heavy to carry if you have to walk home with groceries. Those lonely, almost too brown fruits or veggies make great additions or sides. Another trick when in a quick pinch? Smoothies! They’re heavy and although not a solid food, they do whet the appetite for a few minutes while you prep the main course.

Featured image via Nishant Aneja on Pexels


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