19 Things Your Roommate Says Vs What She Actually Means

Living with someone who’s not a family member or a significant other makes for a special kind of relationship. When you live with someone, you get to know them pretty intimately, whether that ends up being a good thing or not. Sometimes, friends who become roommates find that their friendship quickly comes to an end. Other times, randomly assigned roomies end up being lifelong buddies. What it all boils down to is this: communication. In order to live together harmoniously, roommates need to be able to communicate.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. For whatever reason, sometimes people just don’t say what they mean and that can cause major problems. Listen carefully to what your roommate says and try to divine what he or she actually means. Your future living situation may depend on it.

1. “I love living with you.”

What it means: “Thanks for buying all the alcohol.”

2. “Is it okay if my friend crashes for a few days?”

What it means: “We’re getting a new roommate.”

3. “What time do you have work today?”

What it means: “I really want some alone time but I have to wait until you leave.”

4. “I think Brad and I are going to study here tonight.”

What it means: “Please get the hell out of here because Brad is coming over, but we’re not going to study.”

5. “I can’t find any clean plates.”

What it means: “Do your freaking dishes.”

6. “What was your brother’s name again?”

What it means: “I’m interested in your brother and this is my subtle way of saying it.”

7. “Hey, isn’t The Bachelorette on tonight?”

What it means: “Please watch The Bachelorette with me so I don’t feel like the only reality TV junkie in this house.”

8. “We should throw a pregame.”

What it means: “I think throwing a pregame sounds fun, but I am probably underestimating how much time we’ll have to spend planning it and how much booze we’ll have to buy.”

9. “Thanks for letting me use your car. I got you some lunch.”

What it means: “I didn’t get you any gas, and I scraped a shopping cart on my way out of the parking lot. Please don’t notice.”

10. “I thought I had some vanilla yogurt in the fridge.”

What it means: “Just admit you ate my yogurt, you asshole!”

11. “When is your mom coming to visit again?”

What it means: “I really hope your mom comes and cleans our place and buys us groceries.”

12. “My boyfriend thinks you’re kind of cute.”

What it means: “How you react to this statement will determine whether or not I ever leave you two unsupervised.”

13. “Can I borrow your crop top?”

What it means: “I would have just taken it, but you were home so I had to ask.”

14. “Did you borrow my crop top?”

What it means: “I know you borrowed my crop top without asking and I want to see if your lying ass will own up to it.”

15. “It’s hot in here.”

What it means: “I’m actually freezing, but we should turn down the heat because I’m not made of money.”

16. “I’m having a few friends over.”

What it means: “Don’t get mad at me when we’re loud and you can’t sleep tonight.”

17. “So, how are things at work?”

What it means: “I might need you to cover my drinking activities this weekend.”

18. “Do you have your rent check?”

What it means: “I really hope you have yours because I don’t have mine.”

19. “Where are you living next year?”

What it means: “I’m pretty much done living with you.”

Good luck to those of you who will be braving the roommate life this year, and don’t forget to read between the lines on those housing agreement forms. But most importantly, remember that there’s nothing better than living with your best friends. And although you may not realize it right now, when you leave college for the big bad world that is “adulthood,” you’ll miss the f*ck out of your college roomies and built-in best friends.

Originally published on University Primetime

Featured image via cottonbro on Pexels


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