The Love-Hate Relationship You Have With Your Lit Group Chat

We grew to love large groups of friends during the 90s. For 10 years F.R.I.E.N.D.S. taught us that a whole bunch of people could coexist happily with non-stop chatter. But since the meeting of Rachel and the gang, the smart phone was created and it took non-stop chatter to the next level. Now it is constant – day, night, school time, work time, sleep time… Next level good or next level bad? You tell me.

Pro: There is always someone to talk to! Whether you have a bad shift at work or an awesome date, you have about 5 listening ears.There will always be at least one person awake to talk to! (And everyone else can just scroll through the convo later.)

Con: Everyone else always has someone to talk to, so you have so much reading material all the time. You leave for 20 minutes and it’s like the next great American novel is waiting for you on your phone.

Pro: Your squad is always on the same page. If there are questions about the weekend itinerary or who will be coming home with a guest, you can find all you need to know right in one spot to better plan your day.

Con: Everyone always wants to know your business, even when you don’t feel like talking about it, and now you know everyone else’s. And you never really know who is looking over your BFF’s shoulder.

Pro: You are never without an opinion. From your outfit choices to the flavor of ice cream you buy to the tweet your ex just sent, turn to your phone screen to hear at least one piece of advice from each friend. It’s instant gratification.

Con: You are never without an opinion. In this time of political mayhem, rape cases left and right, black lives matter protests, and the list goes on, a lot of people are feeling strongly about a lot of things. Rightfully so! But there is a place and a time for those talks and via text may not be it.

Pro: Laughter for days! People are really funny. Especially with emoji and gif keyboards. If you’re group didn’t have enough inside jokes already, it’s about to.

Con: You will always be distracted when you’re out with those not in your group chat. The buzzing and the beeping never ceases! You can silence it but they will be waiting when you return and you’re guaranteed to laugh or scoff as you catch up, causing the non-included friend to ask question. Then you’ve got to explain it but they really had to be there.

Pro: You never feel lonely. It can be hard having long distance friends and we all know a significant other is awesome but they aren’t quite the same. Group chats make you feel like you’re always with your gang.

Con: It’s hard to get away. We all need some R & R sooner or later but with your phone always buzzing, it’s not easy to take a timeout from socializing.

Pro: You can always look busy, and mean it, when creepers are around.

Con: Your phone is always about to die and back up chargers are really expensive.

More often than not, the good outweighs the bad! You know your pals can get every last nerve but you love them anyway. And they love you right back. When you’re in a crisis they will be there for you even if texting is the only way they can be.

Featured image via Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels


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