8 Things You Need To Know Before Your Next Internship

Internship 101

In the eyes of millennials, an internship is one of the activities that has to be done as the stepping stone to reach our dream career. But, before doing an internship, I think you should know that an internship is not always about an exciting rush of entering adulthood. There’s a ton you can prepare for before your big first day of your internship, so here are 8 facts that you can already be prepared for:

  1. You’ll be doing the things which are far different from your major.

In your internship life, all you have to do is be flexible and adaptable. Even if you were placed in your dream department, they will not always give you the projects that are relatable to the things that you’ve learned in class. Don’t let your major be your excuse for not giving your work your all and always be open to new things. Go beyond your limits and remember that learning something new is actually the best part of your internship.

  1. The first few days of your internship will be confusing.

I still remember the first day of my internship and the whole thing was a blur, almost too confusing to comprehend. Sometimes it can be hard to adapt to the new environment, but try to be friendly with everyone and be polite with the seniors. Always remember that those people are the ones who will help you succeed during your time here and be sure to treat them like mentors. Embrace the awkwardness of your first few days and challenge yourself to adapt as soon as possible to your new adventure.

  1. Being proactive is the only way to survive.

Some of the internship programs give you the privilege to have a mentor or a supervisor to guide you during the internship. If you have one, try not being too dependable on them. If you don’t understand something, try to seek answers by yourself or through a coworker at your level instead of asking upper management. If you don’t find the answers this way, try to look for their free times in their schedule to talk. Do not disturb your supervisor while they are working. Always remember that an internship means that you are mature enough to take care of yourself, and if you can prove self-sufficiency, you might be lucky enough to become a permanent member of the team.

  1. Your intern friends will be your best buddies.

In the middle of the office-life awkwardness, you will find a new form of laughter when you spend your free time with the other interns. You will share the same awkward stories and you will gain emotional support from them when you’re facing some difficulties in your workplace. They are the ones who will understand your struggles to adapt to your work environment and they will also be the people who encourage you to move forward.

  1. Internships help you to understand the reality of life.

You will know that time really is precious, everybody is doing their best to make a living, and that you’re going to fail sometimes. You will meet so many different types of people and their styles of working will vary. Some of them are workaholics, some of them are enjoying their jobs, and some of them are just doing this jobs to make a living – nothing else. You will understand the difference between a passion job and a working job.

  1. You will meet some inspiring people.

During your internship, you will meet some seriously inspiring people whom you adore. Those people will become your role models to live your life and you start to notice their positive habits every day. The inspirational people who you’ll meet in your internship are the ones who encourage you to do more, bring positive vibes in their surroundings, and they give appreciation in everything that you’ve done. You will not meet these kinds of people in your college life and once you’ve met them in your internship, you will remember their positive personality for the rest of your life.

  1. You will learn from awful people.

Beside those inspiring people, you will also meet some difficult people to deal with. You will meet those people who have a low tolerance toward differences and maybe you will be treated unfairly by your colleagues. But, you have to remember that it’s the reality of a working life; you can’t please everyone. Instead of feeling worthless, try to see them as a challenge for you to cope with their difficult personalities. Learn about their life backgrounds, then you will understand the reasons behind their behaviors toward you.

  1. At the end of the day, everything will be just fine.

Whether it is the big project that you should finish during your internship, the unfair treatments that you’ve received in the office or a struggle to adapt in your workplace; at the end of the day, everything will be alright. You will realize that a work life is nothing special, but a life process that everyone will confront. All the experiences that you’ve got during your internship are actually some precious lessons that not everyone will get.

After you experience an internship, you will understand that it is actually a golden opportunity for you to develop yourself professionally. It is the activity to help you grow during your early 20s and you should cherish every moment in your internship life. Learn as many lessons as you can and if you do your internship well, you will be thankful to yourself in the future.

Featured image via Bonnie Kittle on Pexels


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