I’m Done Caring About Your Opinion Of My Life Choices

In adulthood, I’ve learned how much I love to keep to myself and do my own thing. I love living alone and not needing to report to anyone in my life.

If I wanted to, I could hop on a plane on a random Tuesday and fly to Japan. I could have breakfast for dinner every day for a week. I could buy a cockatoo and spend my free time teaching it to sing Taylor Swift songs. Why? 

It’s my life, and I don’t owe anyone explanations for my choices. 

I often notice other people comment on my choices, which bothers me. They’ll say what they think I need to do with my life or comment on the timeframe of my milestones. In reality, there’s no one “right” way to live.

The funniest thing is that many people with the nerve to comment on my life enter and leave as they please. I see most of these people once or twice a year — sometimes even less often.

For the longest time, I needed to defend my decisions to those who play such a small role in my life.

My life journey has been different from most other people’s, and not everyone understands that. When people ask about what’s happening in my life, I usually shrug or cryptically tell them that “things are going well.” Then, I move on and return to living my life instead of obsessing over others’ opinions.

I used to feel like I was “behind” and should act like my life was “interesting.” But I soon learned a valuable secret…

No one cares all that much about my choices, and I’m the one who has to live my life.

You’re the person who should be the most invested in your life.

This also means you can choose what you want to share with others and what you want to keep private. Sure; it’s exciting to tell people about your milestones, like graduation, promotion, or engagement. But you don’t have to if it’ll disrupt your inner peace. 

It’s easy for one negative comment in a sea of positive ones to ruin a special moment. It can make your achievements seem like they aren’t a big deal and make you question why you shared certain pieces with others. But living your life includes not letting others’ negativity ruin your mood. If that means that you keep your big news to yourself, that’s OK! How you choose to approach the “big” moments is your business — and no one else’s.

I’m learning to appreciate living a quiet life. 

Right now, that’s what makes me feel the most peaceful. Someone will always have something to say about my choices, but they can’t ruin my mood if I block out their words. The most important thing is that I’m happy, I feel proud of my accomplishments, and I love my life.

Just do you. Live on your own terms. Celebrate your milestones. Make choices that feel right for you. Share as much or as little information about your life with whomever you choose to let in.

Remember to keep your boundaries firm if anyone’s losing sleep over your decisions. No one’s entitled to information about you, especially if you think they might have something negative to say. Other people’s reactions are on them, not you. If they’re too judgmental, you might want to keep them at a distance. 

Keep living your life, love. It’s yours — and no one else’s.

Featured image via Sasha Freemind on Unsplash


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