How To Explore The City of Bangalore On Your Next Solo Trip 


The city of Bangalore very well comes with a very addictive environment for everyone which is hard to ignore and even if you were a solo traveller, considering this as a next trip destination is worth it. This city comes with an endless number of possibilities in terms of places to be explored so that you can have the best experience in this city. Once you have considered staying in the Bangalore resorts, you can easily explore the city like a pro, and the following are some of the best places to be covered in this city: 

1. Attend the play and theatre

If you are alone and definitely are interested in wandering here and there then definitely going to attend the play and theatre is worth it. This will be a delightful company of the art and you will be enjoying a lot while watching the play. The city of Bangalore comes with multiple venues for comedies, musicals, and places being conducted over here on a regular basis you will be able to enjoy a lot without any problem. 

2. Visit the exhibitions and fairs

The city of Bangalore comes with a significant number of exhibitions across multiple locations at multiple times of the year and you need to make sure that all of you will be able to enjoy a lot. In this case, you will be getting a glimpse of the Rich art and culture of the country along with the opportunity to indulge in soulful shopping. With this, people will be able to enjoy a lot. 

3. Spend time with the books

If you are a book lover then Bangalore is basically a paradise for you because it comes with iconic bookstores and libraries in the city which make it worth visiting. All of these places are considered to be the best places to be covered in the city of Bangalore, especially for the solo traveler. Going for Blossom Book House is definitely a very good idea because it is primarily located on Church Street and will provide you with the perfect book-reading experience. 

4. Go for the morning walk at Cubbon Park

Another very extremely beautiful experience that you will be having in the city is to plan a morning walk at Cubbon Park. This will be the perfect place to start your day right with a very refreshing activity and this is one of the best places to be covered in the city with Friends or any other partner or all by yourself. This place comes with more than 6000 trees and plants which makes it a very soothing retreat to the senses of individuals.

5. Participate in a beautiful cycling tour

If you are very much interested in exploring every street, look and corner of the city then definitely going for the cycling tour is a great idea because in this case, you will be able to discover the little-known facts about the city. This is a pollution-free option for exploring the city and further, you can remain in touch with one of the best organizations or clubs for the cycling tour. Taking the cycle on rent is definitely one of the best activities you can carry out in this city to enjoy a lot.

6. Visit the art gallery

If you are an art lover then planning a visit to the art galleries to enjoy the vibrant scene of art in Bangalore is definitely worth it. Everyone will be able to enjoy the work of the legends over here because multiple artists will be consistently here to work and provide you with the best pieces of artwork. Best of the art galleries include the National Gallery of Modern Art, Gallery G, Crimson Art Gallery, and any other related option that can be easily visited.

7. Spend the evening at the lake 

The city of Bangalore is full of a good number of options for the Lake where you can enjoy the beauty very successfully. Bangalore is a very successful city in managing the Metropolis environment with a beautiful peaceful environment as well and also has been successful in keeping nature intact. There are lovely options of lakes that cover this particular city which is a perfect customer to this fact and further spending the evening at one of the best lakes is a great idea so that you can go deeper into the beauty of nature and enjoy it a lot. 

8. Eat and drink like a local

Another very interesting activity you can carry out in the city of Bangalore is to eat and drink like a local because the city is very welcoming. There are a good number of eateries and pubs present in the city that you can visit because all of them are single-friendly and furthermore you can have your favorite drinks without any doubt. In this case, you will be the one who will be successfully enjoying your own company without any extraordinary dependency on anyone.

9. Go for meditation at the Art of Living International Centre

Art of Living is not only an experience for the body but is also the perfect experience for the mind as well as the soul. You can easily indulge in meditation over here so that you can perfectly attain the state of bliss and focus on capturing the divine knowledge perspective. This place is perfectly built on the lush Greenhill and provides you with a very rejuvenating experience for the soul through the calm and peaceful landscape. For anybody who is interested in seeking solitude, planning a visit to this place is definitely worth it.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, you can also focus on connecting with the Almighty by visiting the ISKCON Temple in Bangalore because this is one of the most beautiful places to be covered in the city. Further, booking your room in Bangalore resorts is definitely worth it so that you can have the best trip of your lifetime further will be able to make the most of your lifetime in this wonderland of a city.

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