How To Have A Love Life On A Friends Trip While Still Being A Good Friend

So you are on a vacation with your besties, and you meet someone absolutely gorgeous. You might be torn between wanting to sneak off somewhere and do the nasty, and wanting to be a good friend. Hey, we get it. A vacation is all about having fun with your friends — as well as any potential people you might meet. But there are some ways to have sex during a trip with friends and still be a good friend in the process. Here’s how: 

1. Book a Full Suite

Planning ahead of time is a good idea, especially if you are looking to get a little action on vacation. Pool together your funds and book a full suite. Sure, it may be on the expensive side, but it might actually be cheaper than booking two separate rooms. You also get the perks that come with an upgraded room, which can include space for two beds and a bit more in the way of privacy. Some suites might even have a living room or a deck where you can sneak in some super-secret time with your partner (and maybe some sex toys!). 

2. Create a Schedule 

Maybe both you and your friends want to get a lot of action while you’re on vacation. If this is the case, a schedule will help you all out. Talk amongst yourselves to determine an hour or two each day of your vacation so that way everyone has their allotted slot of alone time to do what they please (even if it is just to chill out). 

3. Do It Outside

The world is your oyster. Whether you are at a tropical resort or in a cabin near a forest, there are many beautiful vacation spots and many outdoor areas to have yourself a naughty adventure. You might have to wait till it’s dark, but once it is, have yourself a frolic with Mother Nature. 

4. Have Some Afternoon Delight

Vacations are times for lounging beachside or poolside with a cocktail in hand. This means that’s where your friends will likely be. This also means your hotel room will be empty, and an empty hotel room is a perfect place to sneak in a quickie. Make use of the bed and then after your fun, join your friends and cool off with a fruity daiquiri. 

5. Be Adventurous 

Maybe you have some adventurous friends in your group. What better time than a vacation to try new things? Two is company, but more people don’t have to be a crowd! Let a friend in on the action and have a threesome, or see if any of your friends are voyeurs and invite them to watch. Of course, remember to talk with your friends and your potential partner beforehand and see if they are comfortable. Being on the same page from the start is definitely sexy. 

6. Use Your Partner’s Room 

If you know for sure that you won’t have any alone time whatsoever in your own room, there is always the option of using the other person’s room. Maybe your partner doesn’t have a roommate and has the room all to themselves. If that’s the case, voila

7. Quietness is Key 

If your partner has a roommate and your room is otherwise occupied, then you might just have to be quiet. Sneak into the bathroom and do it in there, or hop into the shower for a steamy experience. If you’re very brave, you can sneak in some time while your friends are in another room or taking a nap. Muffle any noises with a pillow or your hand. If you happened to bring some scarves or some ball gags, you can use those to muffle your noises as well. 

8. Find Your Friends Some Dates 

If you want to have some alone time with your partner, and want to have the room all to yourself, then why not find your friends some dates for the night? That’s a win-win — everyone gets their fun and no one feels snubbed. 

One last thing. Always, always remember to practice proper sex etiquette. No, we are not talking about being like Emily Post. Instead, we are talking about cleaning up after yourself, making sure you have the maids come in to change the linen (if the bed was your playground), and practicing safe sex by having your partner use a condom

And above all, please keep yourself safe. If your intuition is telling you that something is off, listen to it! 

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