Why You Need To Embrace Your Inner Badass

In the face of unrelenting stress and chaos, you may find it difficult to hear anything but your own doubts. How will you make it? How will you handle everything impeding your path? In some of our most difficult moments, it can feel seemingly impossible to tap into any source of strength. But somewhere within you, if you listen a little bit closer, there is a part of you still holding on. She’s fighting for life — fighting for you.

Meet your inner badass!

Maybe she is just a little spark you feel or a barely audible cry for change. Maybe she’s a desire to advocate for something you really care about, or to simply stand up for yourself.  

Your inner badass is the part of you that does not run from the storm. Rather, she looks chaos straight in the face and smiles. She is the part of you that knows your identity has nothing to do with what is happening in your life, but instead is the fire in your heart that the world cannot put out, no matter how hard it tries. 

Your inner badass is a bold fighter, a passionate justice-seeker, a relentless boundary-setter, and a fierce lover.

She is the part of you that walks away from the things that do not serve you. It’s because she knows that you deserve more. She is the part of you that defends what is right, fights for a future that no one else can see, and lives every day with conviction and bravery.

Finding your inner badass is a journey, but I assure you that she is there. She is the reason you are able to push forward and get out of bed on your darkest days, even when it feels like the majority of your being has given up. Even when it feels like your inner badass is nowhere to be found, your existence alone — especially on the days when life feels impossible to face — is proof that she is still fighting. 

Moreover, it is okay if it’s difficult for you to hear your inner badass at first. Building a relationship with her is a journey, not a one-time event. It is allowed to be messy and uncertain. The good news is this: your inner badass rises in darkness. Every time you are kicked to the ground (by yourself or others) and choose to stand up again, you are closer and closer to uniting with her.  

The more you listen to her, the more she will speak. And the more she speaks, the more power you can reclaim.

Your inner badass is unrelenting, and her purpose in life is to fight for you. If you allow her to shine, she will repay the favor and become your biggest advocate, your most passionate supporter, and your best friend.   

She is you, and you are her. By embodying the energy of your inner badass, you can step into the fierce human being you truly are. 

Featured image via Pexels


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