A Light In The Darkness: There Is A Positive Side To Every Loss

Sometimes even the greatest losses can also serve as gains.

Experiencing loss is a fickle situation to be in; it leaves our insides hollow, our hearts limp, and our minds racing. Losing anyone is a detrimental experience, oftentimes spiralling into months or even years of uneasiness and heartache. Grief seems like a steady poison, seeping into every facet of a victim’s life and rearranging their heartstrings. There is no easy way to approach or handle tragedy; there is no special formula that brings those we lost back from their final resting places. This we know and have no choice but to accept.

Loss may be dreadful; it may permanently contort certain parts of your psyche. However, despite its dismal qualities,

loss itself is not always a loss.

Loss possesses powerful binding agents, ones that allow us to come together, not only to mourn, but to celebrate. It is hard to see the faint sparkle of light in the face of tragedy. If you just step back, however, it is evident how much of a resemblance love bears to loss.

Togetherness is never so profound or touching as it is when paralleled with grief.

Want to see real compassion? Surround yourself with those who have just experienced a mutual loss. True, honest, whole love is the most prominent when coupled with grief. It connects us in ways that allow us to see the light at the end of a very cloudy tunnel.

The love that is present all around us is sometimes not 100% evident until the circumstances are dire. It is easy to be a good friend, relative, and confidante when things are going well. However, when things are bad – really, truly dreadful – your forever friends will show their faces. There is a menagerie of horrible backlash that loss carries along with it. Grief oftentimes makes each and every day feel like trekking through a thick layer of mud and rubble.

It is the love, though, that carries us through.

The love from the genuine, wonderful, healing support system that surrounds us all will unveil itself in times of hardship. Trust this.

Grieving may not be pretty; it may not be calm. But it is the act of loving, the meeting of the minds, and the communal gathering that loss creates that is so beautiful. A soul may be lost, but it is the sheer volume of memories that are so forceful and very, very much alive. If you’re currently grieving, know that you are never alone.

Featured image via Erik Mclean on Pexels


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