8 Life Rules To Kick Ass And Create A Better Life While Doing It

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We all sometimes feel stuck in life, or we simply can’t win. When we can’t get out of that dreaded funk we’ve been in for a while, it’s hard to determine what we need to change in order to move on. There are only a few things we can do to better ourselves and our situation. However, they make a huge difference and help us kick ass better than before. 

1. Don’t Wait For The Right Time

Waiting around for that perfect sign or “aha” moment isn’t going to get you anywhere in life. Sure, you may have to wait until a few things are sorted out, but you can’t sit around expecting a miracle. You just have to go and get it yourself. And do it as soon as possible.

2. View Failures As New Beginnings, Not Endings

If we don’t fail sometimes, there is no other way we’ll learn how to grow. We don’t know how to handle situations and solve problems unless we are actually in these situations. That’s how we all develop our hustle and determination. You will grow immensely from this. 

3. Communicate With Others

Having open conversations with people will give you a ton of ways on how to express yourself, grow, inspire and create new ideas. Moreover, it will help you and others feel better about yourselves. These tiny conversations can break barriers and truly evoke the ideas you’ve been looking for or the reassurance or advice you’ve secretly needed. 

4. Assume Nothing, But Question Everything

With each situation, you always go in blind. So you really don’t know what to expect. But what you can do instead of narrow-mindedly assuming is question everything. Get your answers, educate yourself, be inquisitive and listen attentively. 

5. Do More Than What’s Expected of You

We’re all confined to our bubbles of expectations, but going above and beyond to prove ourselves to others is how we get noticed. It not only shows determination but also work ethic and valuable traits of your character. It’ll soon come naturally and be effortless.

6. Make Peace With The Past

We all have things we aren’t proud of. And we’ve all had moments in our history we regret, or are embarrassed, or angry about. But we have to accept that they happened and move on in order to create a positive future. Later in life, you will wish you had, so forgive in order to heal.

7. Never Compete With Anyone 

The only person you should ever compete against is the person you were yesterday or in the past. Your mindset should always be to improve yourself and strive to do better. No one is greater competition to accomplish those goals than your past self. 

8. Love And Respect Others

You can’t love or respect others if you can’t love and respect yourself first. Even if you don’t like someone and can’t stand them, be accepting and respectful of them. There’s no use in trying to change or fight them since you may never share the same views. Hence, let them do their own thing without giving them negative energy. Learn to respect that that’s who they are. It’ll do you wonders.

It may seem hard to improve or implement these into your habits. However, after you get used to living with positivity and optimism, it’ll come naturally. Moreover, it will make you feel stronger than before. I can’t promise that it’ll happen overnight, but once the routine starts, it’ll be hard to break. You’ll be so much better of a person as a result. You can do this!

Feature image via Mert Guller on Unsplash


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