Why Taylor Swift’s 73 Question Interview Isn’t Worth Your Time

Earlier today, Vogue released a new ’73 Questions’ video featuring the one and only Taylor Swift. In the nearly 10-minute clip, TSwift answered a series of basic questions that, if we’re being honest here, just made her seem boring AF. You would think that if an interviewer is allowed to ask 73 questions … we’d get some interesting information worth staring at a screen for 10 minutes, but nope. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t bother; you’re better off watching her Apple ad where she at least shows some personality. If you didn’t know she made an Apple ad, don’t worry – she was sure to mention it twice in the interview. Here are seven reasons why Vogue’s latest interview is not worth your time:

        1. It Was An Advertisement For The Grammys
          When Taylor wasn’t talking about how she was excited about her Grammys, she was telling fans how her biggest accomplishment was winning a Grammy, how she is so proud of her Grammys and pretty much taking any on screen opportunity to say the word ‘Grammy’. We counted a total of 5 times… I hope she knows product placement won’t get her any closer to winning top female artist of the year.
        2. Her Advice Sucked
          When Swift was asked about her advice for aspiring singers, she had to be realistic and say “get a lawyer” instead of answering something inspiring or uplifting for her younger audience. Trust me honey, if I’m making the same amount of money as you are – I’ll have a lawyer. 15 year old girls who are just starting out want to know some musical advice, not legal advice.
        3. It Was Painfully Scripted & Staged.
          I get that you have an image to protect and want to be America’s sweetheart but please show some personality. Unscripted and spontaneous videos are what make people more likeable. This video just made her seem boring with no soul.
        4. Product Placement Galore
          Don’t you make enough money? I get that “there’s no such thing as making too much money” but please calm it down. Between talking about Apple and the Grammy’s whenever she had the chance, how she lost track of the amount of guitars she owned, and wishing she wrote the theme song for ‘Friends‘ just for the revenue – it just made her seem super greedy even though she said the best compliment she received was that “she’s generous”.
        5. The Answers Were Boring
          The questions were super basic but Taylor didn’t even try to come up with interesting answers or try to liven up the video. She was super cute when she said that the best birthday gift she’s received was when Calvin Harris planted an olive tree but other than that … it was honestly just boring. We get it – you love your squad but like her answer about being insecure was a lot.
        6. Who The Eff Was The Random In Your Backyard?
          Nobody laughed Taylor…I’m sorry…it was just weird.
        7. The Interviewer Was SO Monotone
          That interviewer did not seem excited at all to interview TSwift. He just seemed like he wanted to get out of the house as fast as he could. He got us so hyped for the last question … only to ask what her favorite scented candle was.

I know that Taylor Swift is what everyone calls the epitome of ‘basic white girl’ but come on, show some personality. You showed so much potential in your commercial ads, you had 73 chances to sell yourself to us and you basically just proved that you’re boring. Get it together TSwift.

Featured image via Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA


  1. Can we also talk about the fact that she lip syncs pretty much at every award show? Can we stop pretending?! Please?!

  2. All of the 73 Questions interviews are like this… the guy in the background is part of their thing… I think you missed the point.

  3. Honestly shes way more successful then most of her haters will ever be. Sure you can call her a “basic white girl” and think you’re cool, but we all know that she doesn’t care. She said “Get a lawer.” As a joke but NO as soon as something gives her personality it’s wrong. She’s an inspiration to many, and this isn’t affecting the

  4. This is a bunch of ignorant hate. It is so wrong, Taylor Swift will always be the most genuine and original artist in the world. This article is 10x more worse than the hate used in it!!!


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