7 Reasons Why Hating Taylor Swift Is Overrated

Taylor Swift is the perfect role model for anyone and that is not just coming from my obsession with her music, style, and personality.

I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan, always have been, always will be. And guess what? As a 19 year old I get made fun of for that! (Can you believe it?!)

Taylor Swift is SOOO mainstream, have you ever listened to EDM?” WELL YES! Yes, I have and I like many different artists and genres but my heart will always belong to the girl who admitted to having teardrops on her guitar.

As with any celebrity who is at the top of their game she is the butt of many many jokes and I just can’t seem to understand why…

So I’ve decided to create a list of why there is truly no reason to bash the country-turned-pop queen herself.

  1. She is the most awkward dancer.” She’s having fun! Who cares that her talent lies in singing not dancing- it shouldn’t stop her from having fun! She has obviously earned herself a spot at these awards shows therefore she should be encouraged to dance however the hell she wants.
  1. She has had too many boyfriends.” Anyone who accuses T Swift of having too many boyfriends must simply be jealous. If I had the chance to try things out with any of her rumored boyfriends (Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles…) I’d be all over it – quite literally.
  1. “She is totally overexposed.” Her time is now and she knows it. So let her, and her fans, enjoy her time in the spotlight.
  1. “She writes too many break up songs.” She has won 7 Grammy’s and is the only female artist in history to not once, but TWICE have an album hit the million dollar first week sales figure, so obviously, it’s working. With all the so-called haters there must be a couple hundred closet t-swizzle fans out there…
  1. “She succeeds with change.” Her latest album 1989 signs off with Taylor saying: “From the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love…” after her debut to super-stardom was based on the platform of her long blond curls, and obsession with being in love.

I can honestly remember getting my heart broken when I was 15 and walking through my high school with my head held high reciting the lyrics to “15” over and over again. (Thanks Taylor xo)

I’m not trying to convert anyone into a “Swiftie” I just want the haters not to hate, hate, hate quite as much

So back off Kanye, let Taylor do her thing!

Featured image via “Taylor Swift” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer / CC BY-SA 2.0


  1. Since when is hating something overrated? I don’t like Taylor because her music is banal and derivative. Admittedly, I see the appeal in Taylor Swift and why other people may like her but your article says very little about her musical content and even goes so far as to admit that she writes too many break-up songs. Calling an opinion “overrated” for disliking something is childish and immature. Just because YOU like Taylor Swift, it does not excuse her from criticism and it does not make another person’s opinion less valid. So, the haters should have a right to hate hate hate all the hell they want. Plus, Shake It Off was a disaster, don’t even bother trying to defend that garbage.

  2. I find her to be calculated, manipulative, obnoxious, phony, and over rated. I came to this assessment from interviews she’s given via, Television, radio, print, and internet. Her fan base have led her to believe that she is bigger than she really is, and that shows in some of the things she says and does, she is a walking contradiction and I find that annoying. People are going to see what they want to see and clearly her fans see god or perhaps a Queen from some distant galaxy. I’m not buying the hype, the brand, or the noise surrounding her because it’s a load of B.S. I don’t find it clever or soul searching to use people you know, and the public knows through insane innuendos to sell ones music. I see nothing wrong with writing from your personal experiences, but it’s when you use those experiences as a marketing tool, to publicly humiliate someone over and over, and are able to make money doing so. If your going to write about your life than do so, but why drag someone else through the mud while doing it, only to turn around and play coy as to muster up hype to market yourself? I find it disgusting, disturbing, calculating, and UN-cathardic. To me some of her actions have made her look worse then Kanye West.


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