Why Your Thighs Won’t Scare Away The Guys

April calls for spring and you know what that means – summer is coming. You reach into your closet, or your drawers, expecting to put away the four pairs of denims you wore all season, realizing that in reality you have about 20 pairs to store away.

Why do we keep the other 16, you ask? Oh, because I will fit into those some day again, duh. Or, uhm, those are my favorite pair of straight legs from 2010, they make my butt look fantastic but I’m not about to wear straight legs in a skinny jean world, my friend.

You were just getting comfortable being able to squeeze your thighs into those denim safety nets and Easter allowed for a lot of small chocolate bunnies to be consumed without having to stare down at your bare thighs in remorse.

Now, you have to actually start thinking about the inevitable. Your bare skin is going to be available to view to the world in the broad summer daylight, not only when prancing in a small skirt among the dark drunken club scene. Putting on those first pair of shorts, you know you will feel exposed, unnatural, like the denim shield is the only thing really keeping these bad boys together and without it they morph to the elements of the earth into stubbly, pale, jiggly creatures. All you’re thinking is:

Is she looking at my thighs over there? Do you think it’s because I’m too pale?

Dear god, my legs look purple.

Can you see these dimples when I bend over in this shorts?

We are constantly worried about our body size and image and often think:

“Will boys think I look hot?”

This is something that will never change, and will always be on our minds, but I challenge you to think a little differently about the way you approach your exposed legs, arms, or whatever your personal paranoia spot might be.

A number of boys have told me that the first thing that they look at is your face, your eyes, and your confidence. I firmly believe from experience and from male testimonials that confidence is key. The smoking hot-bodied chick in the corner of the party sipping from her red solo cup to keep from speaking and whenever you try to strike up a conversation manages to provide a one word answer and a blank stare isn’t impressing the guys.

The girl with a lot of spunk, who enters the party with a smile and a big hello to everyone she meets, who is asking questions and seeking laughs and dancing to Hotline Bling like she is Drake herself is the one that the boys want to get to know, and the one who is going to feel great. To feel great with others and around others you have to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. You have to flaunt that confidence like it’s the best asset you have, because it is.

Don’t get me wrong, picking the right pair of flattering jeans and rocking that newest red lipstick can help, but every time I get ready for the night, or when I am choosing the outfit of the evening, the first thing I think is,

What do I FEEL great in?

When you feel great, that comes across to others and those thighs are the last thing anyone is thinking about when you’re the girl who’s smile is so big it lights up the room, or when you’re the one that requested to play “Drunk In Love” just so you could swing those hips like Beyoncé.

Exposed thighs does NOT have to mean a goodbye to guys, it’s all how you play it, girlfriends.

Featured image via Sora Shimazaki on Pexels


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