GTFO: 18 People Share Their Horrific Roommate Stories

Living with someone you didn’t know prior could either be a great experience or one of the worst things that happened to you. Sometimes, even living with your best friends could turn into a total nightmare, because I’m a firm believer that you really don’t know someone until you live with them. Here are 18 people willing to share their traumatizing roommate horror stories:

  1. She’d set alarms starting at 5 in the morning and snooze them till 7:30 or later every 10 minutes. So I basically wasn’t sleeping and would get up for my class before her in the end.”
  2. “When the school year started, my roommate’s strange boyfriend would be over every hour of every day (this girl never went to class – she got expelled in first year) and they would literally have really gross, loud sex at 6 am while everyone was asleep. SHE HAD NO SHAME. One time I yelled at her and she had the audacity to lie about it. She tried to tell me they ‘were moving my bed so it wouldn’t get wet from the rain. We weren’t having sex I promise.’ I was like close the window? Also why is your bed moaning?
  3. Our kitchen supplies and utensils all started going missing so we were super confused. The crazy housemate said it wasn’t her, but one day she left her door unlocked so we snooped and we found literally all of our bowls, mugs, plates, forks, EVERYTHING hoarded in her room like she was collecting things for the apocalypse.
  4. I had a roommate once who NEVER did her dishes. It was worse than normal. Most of the time they would go for days just sitting in the sink and the rest of us would wash them for her because it made the room smell so bad. Eventually, we just started laying a towel down on her bed and putting the dishes on it. She finally got the message after that.”
  5. “I had an alcoholic for a roommate who brought home a prostitute. I kicked him out after that.” 
  6. “I left for winter break and my roommate stayed with his girlfriend at the house. When I came back (weeks later) they hadn’t done the dishes or taken out the trash once!
  7. I got a kitten and had to keep taking her to the vet because she kept getting sick. I finally found out it was because my roommate would shove his dirty dishes under the couch and the kitten was eating the old leftover food.”
  8. “Two weeks into my freshman year I came back from class to find out my roommate cut both her wrists and I had to take her to the hospital. Apparently she was trying to admit herself into the psych ward because a friend she needed to talk to was in there and that was the only way she could think of to get in.”
  9. “My roommate didn’t pay our electricity bill in the summer and we came back to school to rotting meat in our one hundred degree apartment and basically had to throw out our fridge and buy a new one.”
  10. My freshman year roommate invited two 30-year-old dudes she found on Plenty of Fish to stay in our dorm room. She also didn’t have her own laptop so I let her use mine sometimes. Later in the year found out she took naked videos of herself on it and sent it out to her then boyfriend who had 3 kids and a wife.” 
  11. My roommate broke my $200 straightener and blamed it on Tylenol PM that ‘made her loopy and drop it’ then refused to pay for it.”
  12. “My current roommate (not of my choosing) decided the apartment was hers and I was merely living in it. Within the first week of me moving in she told me everything I was not doing right. This included not scrubbing the toilet after every use, not gently putting the toilet seat down (it hurt her ears), not wiping the water away from the sink after using it, and touching anything in the kitchen that belongs to her. We live in silence and my heart races every time I hear her in the kitchen, and I jump whenever she opens her door. I am living in fear. Oh, and she does not clean up after herself…major double standard.”
  13. “My sophomore year I lived with a girl who put a pillow on our living room couch (LIVING ROOM) with her face on it. Nightmare, but great story.”
  14. “One of my last roommates found a BDSM version of Tinder after watching 50 Shades and started having phone sex with creepy old men on speaker at all hours of the night. She borrowed my roommate’s ruler and we could hear her spanking herself with it and him moaning. It got so bad and we confronted her so many times about it that we had to institute sex hours (before midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends) just to get her to stop. She also hoarded dirty dishes in her room and swore she didn’t have any of them. She was the WORST.” 
  15. “My dad’s roommate in college (who hung crucifixes on the walls) kept facing the picture of my dad and his girlfriend downwards and eventually my dad asked why he keeps doing that and he said that it was giving him sexual thoughts and separating him from Jesus.” 
  16. “My roommate threw up all over my brand new underwear and bras when she was drunk.”
  17. “I was living with my best friend and her boyfriend which was fine, the three of us loved living together. Except that she was cheating on him and telling me about it and it was excessive. She was having sex with four guys in 24 hours. Finally she dumped him, but we all still lived together so it was super awkward and he started yelling at me and threatening me when he and I would hang out alone, but we lived together, it was a nightmare.” 
  18. My first roommate freshman year had dragon shrines and would stay up all night playing dragon video games, so I moved out. Then I ended up living with someone who wouldn’t look at me or say hi in public.”  

There are plenty of things that could go wrong when you move in with a stranger or even someone you think you know who turns out to be completely different from you ever expected. If you can’t compromise with your crazy roommate to find a happy medium, moving out might be your best bet because as funny as some of these stories are, no one wants to experience them first hand.

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