10 Reasons It’s About Damn Time Leonardo DiCaprio Won An Oscar

IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME – LEONARDO DICAPRIO HAS FINALLY WON AN OSCAR. After years of memes, him “not caring”, and amazing performances – Leo has finally snatched the coveted Oscar for his performance in The Revenant.

Long overdue, Giuliana and I took a look back at some of Leo’s most noteworthy performances over the years that should’ve gotten him an Oscar. Below are 10 performances that should’ve gotten him an award, and the one that did:

  1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? 1993
    Young Leo showed us that you can still find the love of your life, even if you live in a small town that’s in the middle of nowhere. That’s pretty impressive, especially since all you small town folks know that it’s hard enough to even find something to do on the weekend.
  2. Titanic, 1997
    Not only did he die for Rose (even though there was enough space for the two of them), he made every girl swoon. He basically made girls believe in good guys, and love.
  3. Catch Me if You Can, 2002
    … clearly the Oscars couldn’t catch him. He should’ve run a con to get the Oscars.
  4. Blood Diamond, 2006
    Alright Leo, you really should’ve used the diamonds you smuggled to bribe the Academy so that you could have won the damn Oscar 10 years ago. Throw that shade Leo, you deserve it.
  5. Revolutionary Road, 2008
    JACK AND ROSE REUNITED… like they literally got a second chance to get married (just with different names, witness protection is my explanation). Kate Winslet & Leo back on the screen together should have been reason enough, but you do you Academy.
  6. Shutter Island, 2010
    How many people can you make you say that you ACTUALLY feel sympathy for a murderer?
  7. Inception, 2010
    He literally went through dimensions of time… He was basically Hermione Granger in real life.
  8. Django Unchained, 2012
    literally… #OscarsSoWhite
  9. The Great Gatsby, 2013
    Womanizer. Partier. Money. He’s basically every f*ckboy’s dream boy. He singlehandedly made us thirsty for the 1920s.
  10. Wolf of Wall Street, 2013
    Life lesson: Sex and drugs are great, until they’re not.

  11. The Revenant, 2015
    He taught us that it only takes getting mauled by a bear, trekking through snow for days, almost dying, and a million oscar snubs.

And of course, ever gracious as he is. Here is a snippet of his acceptance speech:

“We’re thanking everyone from the onset of my career for casting in my first film … thank you to my parents where none of this would be possible without you, and my friends, you know who you are…climate change is real, it’s happening right now – it’s the most urgent threat facing our species. We need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating… let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take this night for granted.”

Love the man, hate the man, tweet nasty things about him, we don’t really care. We know that one thing is for certain, it’s about time that Leonardo DiCaprio got to give that glorious acceptance speech. Cheers to you Leo!

Featured Image Via screengrab of CTV 

Written in Collaboration with Giuliana Guarna


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