What Your Favorite Disney Princesses Would Be Like As College Students

I’ll be the first to admit it; I’ve always wanted to be a Disney Princess. Honestly, who doesn’t? They’re intelligent, courageous, resilient, talented, and beautiful. But what if Disney Princesses wanted to be like us? Go to school, participate in extracurricular activities, and have fun like a normal college student. If you’re curious as where they’d fit in, here’s a little glimpse into what life would be like for a princess turned college student.


Just a small town girl livin’ in a big university world (yes, I did sing that out loud as I wrote it).


Ariel comes from a sheltered home and can’t wait to go far away for college. She’s never had a wild phase in her life so she’s ready to let out the crazy. Watch out for the booze and boys, Ariel. They’ll get you in trouble every time.


Not → HOT.


Cinderella is the caterpillar turned beautiful butterfly. She goes MIA over the summer and comes back a whole new person. New clothes, new hair, new attitude. Watch out, she’ll turn heads.

Snow White:

Working on her MRS degree.

(gif by: wonderlaaaaaand.tumblr.com/)

One day her prince will come. And he will make a lot of money allowing her to relax at home eating bonbons all day after they get married.


The Workaholic.

She is extremely hardworking and dedicated. She is the one whose sanity you question because she goes to school full-time and works two jobs in addition to being involved in Alpha Delta Princess. She may just be the energizer bunny.


The Activist.

Mulan is a lover and a fighter, and as a student she is no different. She fights for the rights of everyone. You can often find her parading outside of the school’s main buildings advocating everything from racial equality to sexual consent and gay rights.


The Bookworm.

Come on, what else would she be? Belle can be found in the library or Starbucks studying and reading her heart out. She’s the go-to girl when you need help studying for an exam or the one you ask random trivia questions. Belle is at the top of her class.


They don’t call her “Sleeping Beauty” for nothing.

Aurora can be found sleeping in class or sleeping through her morning alarm completely! She has good intentions to make class, but finds herself “Netflix and chill-ing” more often than not.


The Beauty School Student.

No one knows hair better than Rapunzel. She’s your go-to friend when you need your makeup to look nice for a date party, and will be the first to tell you when your outfit isn’t doing you any favors.


The Geology and Botany Guru.

She loves the outdoors and is always down for a hike or new adventure. She was voted most likely to survive in the wilderness alone.


Star Athlete.

She is bold and strong. Merida is on a full scholarship for athletics. Volleyball, tennis, archery. 😉 You name it, she plays it.


The Beauty Queen.

Jasmine is always dressed to the nines in designer clothes and contours like a pro. She is wardrobe, makeup, and hair goals. Unlike Rapunzel, Jasmine does not like to share the wealth, and prefers lounging alone in her luxurious apartment paid for by her parents.

Anna & Elsa:

Sorority Sisters.

These two are inseparable. Their sisterly bond cannot be broken. So let it go, boys, because no mister will come between these sisters. Can be found making matching T-shirts and trying to control Elsa’s mood swings.


The Experimenter.

Alice is up for anything. Enough said.

You didn’t know Disney Princesses could be so relatable, could you? I feel like I am a Belle and Anna & Elsa hybrid. Let us know which one is most like you in the comments below! Have princess suggestions? Leave those too!

Featured image via “Disney Princess Place Mat” by hz536n/George Thomas / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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