10 Times The Oscars Had A Vendetta Against Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen in the Midwest, in old New York – twice, out to sea on sinking ships and as a sexy rich party animal on fancy yachts. He’s been in our dreams, in the FBI, in the cockpit of our flights, and hunting for diamonds. Where has Leo not been? On the stage at the Academy Awards accepting an Oscar. Let’s take a look at Leo’s journey and see if we can figure out…why the f*ck not?

1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape ‘93

The amount of skill it must take to play a mentally challenged boy, is beyond fathomable. Let alone to be playing that role as the little brother of Johnny Depp. At the time of this film, Leo was only 19. Sadly, all nominees that year had to be the bigger brother and be at least 20 to get on the stage.

2. Romeo + Juliet ‘96

Now in his 20s, Leo busted out the big wardrobe guns in hopes of impressing the Academy. Yet his Hawaiian prints and emo side bangs didn’t make the cut.

3. Titanic ‘97

Nominated for every possible category it fit into and winning most of them, as a whole, the movie Titanic did splendid. But the way Leo was teaching ladies to spit, curse, and drink was not looked favorably upon by the Academy.

4. Gangs of New York and Catch Me If You Can ‘02

Gangs of New York was nominated for a large handful of categories while Catch Me If You Can was only nominated for one. Leo, as a supporting actor in Gangs of New York, didn’t get nominated for that, nor did he get nominated for Actor in a Leading Role as the lead in Catch Me If You Can. By now this really is starting to seem like a conspiracy.

5. The Departed and Blood Diamond ‘06

The Academy must have noticed their slip from the ‘03 awards because this next time Leo had two movies at one ceremony, they made sure he was at least nominated. He was the lead actor in both films and despite The Departed winning in almost every category it was nominated for, he was nominated for Actor in a Leading Role in Blood Diamond. The Academy does not support guys who aren’t from Boston, that play guys who are. But they support guys who are from Boston that play guys from Boston, looking at you Marky Mark, because that’s a really a hard thing to do. They gotta pahk the cah down the street from the house to go to work.

6. Revolutionary Road ‘08

Only nominated for a few Oscars, the movie starring the two Titanic leads, didn’t make enough waves with the Academy. Leo was not even nominated for Actor in a Lead Role but his supporting actor was nominated. The Academy must be insane, a similar condition to that of the supporting actor.

7. Shutter Island and Inception ‘10

No love for Shutter Island but a lot of snaps for Inception in art and music categories. That year, The Academy didn’t nominate Leo only because they knew it was him who had planted the idea in their heads and they can’t let anyone control them.

8. Django Unchained ‘12

Shout outs for the supporting actor and for the writing and for the sound but no kudos for Leo. I would say maybe The Academy doesn’t like that he played a bad guy instead of a good guy but Romeo was good, and Jack in Titanic was good, and Billy on The Departed was good. Leo as a good can’t win and apparently Leo as a bad guy can’t win either.

9. The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street ‘13

The Wolf of Wall Street was widely recognized across the categories while The Great Gatsby only had a few nominations. Leo did receive a head nod for Actor in a Leading Role in this film, but lost to the guy who drives Lincolns. The Academy clearly had a deal with Lincoln.

10. And…The Revenant  ‘15

Will this be the year? Can Leo bring one home on his tenth try? The Revenant is up for an Oscar in almost every category, including Actor in a Leading Role for his character. If it’s not him, I hope the bear comes back and finishes him off. And I hope The Academy has to watch.

Since he was a teen he has been an actor, first on television and then to the big screen. That is a person’s most formidable time of development and Leo developed into a star right out of the gates. He is past the point of receiving a measly Oscar from this Academy that gets their recognition from God knows where. He should skip right to the Lifetime Achievement Award. Then get another Lifetime Achievement Award every year he makes a new movie. We love you Leo, keep doing you.

Feature Image via Wolf Of Wall Street screengrab.


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