Dare To Dye: 7 Unique Hair Colors You Should Experiment With

Dying your hair can be a big commitment and we’ve all heard countless horror stories of when it doesn’t turn out quite right. So it makes sense that we tend to shy away from anything out of the ordinary. However, there are a brave few people who have stepped out of their “comfort zones” and done some pretty crazy stuff with their hair. As it turns out, the risk may be worth it sometimes because the results of some of these less than typical styles are amazing.

Here are 7 beautiful hair colors that you’ve never considered but should give a chance.

1. Maroon

Maroon is a gorgeous color for boots, bags, jackets, and lipstick. But it also happens to be a great color to dye your hair. It works really well with all skin tones and seems to turn out well regardless of what hair color you start with. Maroon is a fun hair color that is still very natural and elegant.

2. Aquamarine

Blues like turquoise and aquamarine used to only really work for tips or highlights, but lately they’ve emerged as a trend for your entire head. Did I mention it looks awesome? There are a lot of different shades and intensities of the color that can be used on their own or with other colors. A general rule of thumb for this look is the lighter your natural hair color is, the lighter the shade of aqua you pick should be.

3. Rainbow

Perhaps the most bold of the looks on this list is the rainbow. It involves using several bright colors either as highlights or in an ombré style throughout your hair. It takes a pretty bold lady to go through with this one, but it turns out amazing. This is one look in particular that you’ll want to work with a hairstylist on to make sure you’re picking the best tones and that things turn out properly.

4. Eggplant

Eggplant is a really great option for people who love the idea of unique colorful hair but can’t commit. Eggplant is a bold color which allows you to get creative and fun. However, it still looks natural and professional, which is a necessity for many of us. Eggplant looks great on most, but seems to turn out extra gorgeous when you begin with medium-dark hair.

5. Orange

The idea of orange hair used to be pretty negative. If your hair was orange, that told everyone you bought box dye and screwed up somewhere along the line. However, when done right (and with intent), orange hair can look absolutely amazing. This look in particular is really nice on ladies with darker skin tones and eye color, but anyone can rock it.

6. Pastels

Pastels have been used for highlights and lowlights for a long time and it usually looks great. But this is another style that has progressed to being a way to color all your locks. There are a lot of styles that fall under the umbrella of “pastels.” You can use just one color or several. You can also use pastels to highlight your hair or do an ombré style with them. Pastels work especially well for girls with lighter complexions and seem to turn out better when you start with light hair. But any girl brave enough to get colorful can pull them off nicely!

7. Grey

Grey hairs get a bad rep. We pluck them, we bleach them, and we dye them away. But grey, silver, and white are making a huge splash as hair dye colors and it looks freaking beautiful. It’s a color just about anyone can make work with a wide range of shades and intensities. It can be a bold or natural look which makes it a favorite for many.

Experimenting with your looks is fun but challenging. Finding the right look for you can take a while. There are many things to consider such as your style, your work environment, and your features. Try downloading an app that allows you to play with different looks such as Hair Color Booth or Hair Color Premium to see how you might look. You can also try a lower-risk, temporary product out before committing to the real deal. They range in how long they stay in your hair from instantly washing out to lasting a couple of weeks. Hair Chalk is a great way to quickly try out new styles and Manic Panic (a temporary hair color not tested on animals) will last you a few weeks.

Most importantly, make sure you find a high-rated hair stylist you can trust to help you achieve your perfect look. There is a lot that can go wrong when dealing with hair dye. mistakes can be very difficult and expensive to fix. Make sure you do it right the first time and work with a professional to create your best look.

Featured image via Luis Quintero on Pexels


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