Why I Finally Believe You Can Actually Be Friends With Your Ex

You know those really sad but romantic movies where you see a couple break up but then still become friends? I always thought that was bullshit. I always said that it didn’t happen in real life, I just knew it didn’t. I mean when you really fall for someone it takes a lot to put the heartache behind you. So when we see all of those romantic movies snap their fingers and the exes become friends, we all just know it’s not true. Or is it? I’ve started to notice the truth behind those Hollywood movies.

For instance, It has been a solid five months since my last break up and I think we could possibly be friends or at least acquaintances. You see, I don’t hate him but I don’t love him, although I can say I do like him. I like him enough to not get scared or upset when I see his truck. I like him enough to know that we can both be happy separately. I like him enough to stop worrying about who he’s with or who he’s hooked up with. I like him enough to be friends.

I like him enough to carry on a conversation. I like him enough to listen to those breakup songs. I like him enough to see him at a party and still be able to have fun. I like him enough to know getting jealous only hurts me. I like him enough to know the past is the past. I like him enough to know that he still wants me to be happy. I like him enough to be his friend.

Hollywood movies can keep going with the exes becoming friends because why shouldn’t we be? We know almost everything about each other – or at one time knew it. We know what scares each other, what makes each other happy, what makes each other sad, angry, or jealous, so let’s use that to our advantage instead of getting upset over it. He broke my heart but I think it was in need of a boy breaking it. Just so I can put it back together. He made me stronger. He helped me see what I want in life. He helped me be independent and see the truth behind people. I like him for that.

Yes, relationships can and most of the time end badly but we spend so much time with each other trying to create something that we will have for the rest of our lives. If it doesn’t work out as lifetime lovers why can’t it work out to be lifelong friends? I hate the idea of trying so hard for something to fail but somethings are not supposed to work out for a lifetime. Sometimes things happen so we can learn from them and know how to make things better the next time around, so that’s what I’m going to do and I suggest you do the same.

Cheers to ex-lovers. Cheers to forgiveness. Cheers to Happiness. Cheers to friendships.

Featured image via Trinity Kubassek on Pexels


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