10 Men Share The Hottest Ways A Woman Initiated Sex

As women we typically don’t want to make the move. This is because of the fear of either rejection or embarrassing ourselves. It’s sad, but it’s true. Initiating sex can be daunting, but we always have that thought in mind. Sometimes we gain the confidence to make a move. Something inspires us. If you’re feeling shy to initiate sex, this will help peak your confidence.

I asked 10 different millennial men the hottest way a woman initiated sex with him was, and they gave some great, vulnerable and honest answers. 

“I invited a girl I was casually seeing over to watch a movie- unsure how it was going to go,it was the first time she was coming to my place. Instead of awkwardly sitting on the other side of the couch and inching closer throughout the movie, she sat right next to me. We were close, then she wanted to cuddle. One thing lead to another and she initiated sex because we sat  so close from the start. She made the move and encouraged me to make mine at the same time.” – Justin, 25

“I was friends with this girl for like eight years. I always thought she was cute and we’d drunkenly flirt every once. One night she texted me saying, ‘this is probably inappropriate and tell me if it is, but I’m incredibly horny right now.’ We started sexting right away, I instantly got hard and we  hooked up a few hours later. And now we’re dating. Until then I had no idea she even liked me.” Cam, 26

“My ex sent me a text after what must’ve been our tenth date and asked, ‘when are you going to fuck me? Or am I going to have to keep doing it to myself?’ I planned a special night for our next date.” Keon, 25

“We went to the movies, for a rare date night. She cuddled into my side and started rubbing her hand up my thigh and squeezing hard. I got really hard from her teasing and she started tracing my penis  there in the theatre. I could have fucked her right then and there.” – Dean, 29

“A girl at a bar slipped me a napkin in my back pocket after flirting with me all night long. I thought it was her number… Which it was, but it also had the time she was leaving with an invite to share the Uber back to her place. Although it was a one night stand, it was incredibly bold and sexy.” – Jordan, 28

“Woke up next to my girlfriend as we normal and she rolled over while wearing my shirt. In the sleepiest voice she moaned, ‘I had the best sex dream about us last night.’ I obviously inquired and instead of telling me she showed me. It was so subtle and sexy.” – Michael, 27

“She sat on my lap at a party and kind of grinded her hips on my crotch to the music. She got me hard, walked away, and kept her distance the whole night. By the end of the party I wanted her so bad. On the Uber ride home she ignored me and made me more frustrated and the second we got home that was it. Most explosive sex ever.” Liam, 24

“My girlfriend pulls a classic How I Met Your Mother move, because she knows I love that show, and sometimes when I go out  and come back out she’s ass naked on the couch or in bed. It’s unexpected but does the trick.” Brendan, 26

“My girlfriend asked to play video games with me, which was already my dream. As I was instructing her and we started playing some actual rounds she complained about the heat in the room and took off her top. I didn’t even notice she already took off her bra. And just like that she leaned over and sucked me off as I kicked her ass and then we had the best sex.” – Shayne, 27

“I had a girl tease me with the line, ‘I’m the best sex you’ll ever have’ on a date and she took me home immediately after.” – Sulaiman. 

As you can tell, sometimes it doesn’t take as much creativity as it does confidence. And it doesn’t matter if it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush or a random person at a bar. You can do almost any of these with anybody you want and it’s bound to work as long as it’s consensual. Even if you’re throwing it into role play, it’ll always work. Just be confident when you do it!

Featured Photo by Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash


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