3 Reasons Your Walk Of Shame Should Be A Stride Of Pride

On my typical morning commute to an 8:30 class, there are always a few girls sporting wedges, mini skirts, and smudged make-up from the night before. They shield their eyes from the guys who poke fun at these girls coming back from Thirsty Thursday, thinking that they were probably sleeping around. Honestly, after a semester of watching this parade through campus happen morning after morning, I don’t think they need to be ashamed at all.

We should never be judging those guys and gals who brave the so-called  “walk of shame,” and here are a few reasons why:

They probably had way more fun than we did last night.

Whatever the reason was, these girls went out to have a fun time. They met up with friends, ran into some pals, and got lost in the fun for a few hours. We all need, and deserve, a few good unadulterated hours of fun with our friends, and since they made the most of it last night, Kudos to them!

Never judge a book by its cover.

Keep an open mind about that the girls that you see walking by every morning. Those two minutes that you see them walking down the sidewalk don’t define their lives. They could be a future Emma Watson or Jane Goodall. You would never want people to think poorly of you after a quick glance, so why would you do it to others?

It’s a million times safer than trudging home at midnight.

The girl I saw this morning might have been staying at her friend’s house to sleep it off rather than attempting to walk home on a cold dark night. If we were in her position, we would have done the exact same thing. Should we really judge her for being safe?

tumblr_neh3wbKHix1t5jijao1_500Instead of degrading the people who swagger back home in the mornings, we need to reverse that and let them know it’s okay that they made the right choice. No matter what the circumstances of the night were, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So what if they black out the night before, or vomited everywhere, or kissed someone who wasn’t their boyfriend? We are not to judge these people. And if you are that person taking those morning walks, own it. Recognize that it is your life and you are the one who makes the calls. Stay safe, and walk down that sidewalk like it’s a runway in Pari.

Featured image via freestocks.org on Pexels


  1. You made great points and I think girls and boys alike should embrace the stride of pride. One thing not mentioned is that even if a girl is walking back from having sex with someone after a night out there is nothing wrong with that! I think girls get a lot more judegment for “walk of shaming” than boys. It ties back to women being labeled as slutty or unclassy for the morning after sleeping with someone, while men are a lot less scrutinized for their sexual behavior. Whether a girl is coming back from their boyfriend’s, friend’s, or a stranger’s place, I agree that they should own it!

  2. Really? This article makes me ashamed for humanity. I’m not saying that girl should feel ashamed about the night before but a girl shouldn’t be proud of it either. Sex is not just sex and, shouldn’t be taken lightly.


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