Why Our 20s Are The Most Humbling Time Of Our Lives

Our 20s teach us many things; from how to cure a hangover to how to handle big life decisions, these life lessons will travel with us through our entire lives. While we’re busy juggling school, relationships, internships, and everything else that comes with finally being an adult, we’re learning some of the most important things about life without even knowing it.

Constantly checking our bank accounts to make sure we really want something makes us appreciate every purchase.

Although my bank account is always super depressing every single time I look at it, I have learned to cherish every purchase. Yes, I may have spent the last five dollars to my name on a skinny caramel macchiato, but I enjoyed every minute of it and I’d do it all over again.

We learn to perfect friendships rather than juggling dozens. 

Friends come and go with time. During our twenties, we learn to not worry about how many friends we have but how good of friends we have. We’re all busy with our own lives and responsibilities, so every friend that we keep as we grow older gets more and more special.

All of the hectic, busy days teach us to welcome the silence.

Okay, so maybe they really just teach us to appreciate Netflix and a carton of ice-cream, but everyone knows a little downtime is always needed after a crazy week. Whether it’s a long hot bath or some me-time at the gym, own your alone time and know that it’s only making you a better person in the long run.

The endless hours and hundred of miles spent on the road make us value seeing a familiar face.

Between driving to and from school, traveling abroad, and being away for internships, things can get crazy. Sometimes I think my car knows more about me than my actual family, but coming home and finally being reunited with our loved ones makes everything completely worth it.

Having nothing makes us value the things that we do have -good health, education and the right shade of lipstick.

At this age, having nothing makes us realize how much we do have. This is truly the only time in our lives where we can afford to be completely broke, so we focus on the things that don’t cost us a penny like our health and the relationships that we build.

Being a broke twenty-something isn’t exactly the most glamourous time of our lives. With hundreds of things to remember and a long daily schedule, we don’t have time to always stop and smell the roses, but feel better knowing that we’re piling on the life lessons without even realizing it.

Featured image via Erik Mclean on Unsplash


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