10 Ways To Kill Time On A Long Flight

Travelling – sounds great. 

However, 12- to 14-hour flights? No thanks – but hold on, there are ways to pass time. Being in a confined space for a long period isn’t ideal, but you can still complete tasks, try new things, and meet a new friend. So, if you have booked your next trip and are looking for ways to occupy your long-haul flight, Unwritten has gotten you covered. 

Here are 10 ways to kill time: 

1. Talk to the passenger beside you 

I remember my second solo trip from Beijing to Toronto where I ended up talking to the passenger beside me. We friended each other on Facebook after and conversed about our interests. So, if you’re feeling bored, feel free to say hi to the passenger next to you. You never know what you may end up having in common. 

2. Bring a wordsearch book 

Grab your wordsearch book and see how many pages you can complete. This will definitely keep your brain occupied. 

3. Play “Speed” with a passenger. 

Bring a deck of cards and learn the rules of the game “Speed.” You can ask the passengers nearby to play. When one says yes, put the cards on one table, lift the armrest up, and begin your game. One round of this game can take up to 30 minutes. 

4. Read the airplane manual 

I get it – it sounds boring, but you may learn something new. After all, you may as well be well-versed with the exits in case of an emergency.

5. Borrow some travel guides and review them 

You can purchase a few travel guides at a local bookstore or borrow travel guides from the local library about the country you’re visiting. Make a list of the places and attractions you want to visit. You can also plan your route on the flight. 

6. Sleep 

Not only does sleeping kill time, but it can also reduce jet lag upon arrival. However, be sure to wake up when the flight attendants are serving meals, because you don’t want to miss out on food. 

7. Download long movies or shows 

Want to catch up on a TV series? Now is your time. Download a few shows and begin binge-watching them. Challenge yourself to finish a couple of episodes before you arrive. 

8. Complete some mental health worksheets

Being on a flight alone can be a great time for you to catch up with yourself and destress. Examine your progress with mental health worksheets, including writing a letter to yourself and completing a self-discovery assignment. Before you embark on your own travel journey, you can journey within yourself and see what you want the most out of your trip. Consult this website for more. 

9. Exercise 

When no one’s watching, complete a quick stretch on the plane. If you have enough leg space underneath your seat, stretch your legs and toes out. Then, stand up and stretch your arms and fingers. Or walk around. 

10. Write/Film an “In-Flight Experience” Review

If you want to create your own flight review YouTube channel, you can start now. Write or film the food you were served, the in-flight entertainment, and the service. You can also edit some parts of your video on the plane. 

Long-hauls flights aren’t always ideal, but they’re well worth the experience once you depart the plane. Sometimes, when you’re visiting family or traveling to a new destination, you have no choice but to book a 16-hour flight. Other than killing time, remember to: 

  1. Pack snacks or water on a long-haul flight; remain as hydrated as possible
  2. Pack wired headphones 
  3. Download movies or a show at home, perhaps a day before your flight. 
  4. Bring slippers and dress comfortably. 

You’ll then be ready to jump on the first step to a memorable vacation!

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi


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