Your Relationship Should Never Make You Choose Between Love & Happiness

They tell you to open your heart to the world. That you shouldn’t keep walls up and not allow people in. Well, what happens when you do that and those walls come crumbling down? The walls you had up that were supposed to protect you are now gone. You are now completely vulnerable to all of the hurt in the world.  But isn’t that the leap of faith you take in order to find love?

The problem is, taking a chance on love doesn’t come without a cost. Love requires trust because you’re basically giving another person the ability to crush your heart. Sometimes when you find romance, and it goes wrong, it can make you feel completely broken.

After someone breaks your heart, you may see yourself as “damaged goods,” hurt beyond repair. Trusting again seems impossible. You doubt your worth and wonder if life would be better off without you.

Love might cause you to endure unnecessary pain, especially if you believe that you are doing the right thing. We tell ourselves that the actions we are taking are out of love, but when we hold onto toxic “love,” we lose our own identities.

Yes, it’s important to care for our loved ones. We should support them and help them when they need us.  But at the end of the day, we cannot live our entire lives for others, and we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our own happiness. Happiness is one of the hardest things to find within yourself.  Many go a lifetime searching for it. Still, we cannot settle in life out of love alone. Compassion only exists when you find someone who can lift you up and not tear you down. If your person becomes selfish and righteous with their own wants, no longer taking account for how others feel, is that love anymore?

In life, we do make sacrifices for the ones we love and put ourselves into situations we never thought we’d be in. However, it is important to be careful that we do not lose ourselves in the process of loving others. We must listen to the energy that other people radiate. Do not go against your intuition; let it lead you to your direction, your path, and your own happiness. After all, if your relationship is real, then it will never fail, and you will never have to choose between love and happiness.

Photo by Justin Groep on Unsplash


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