10 Daily Struggles College Girls Encounter

The struggle is real ladies, and it’s even harder for a college girl. In a society that expects us to be perfect, being a girl can be hard. Sometimes the ins and outs of being a girl make me want to ugly cry like Lauren Conrad or Kim Kardashian. But nevertheless, here’s a list of struggles I go through every day to show you that you aren’t alone out there! 

1. Cutting Your Ankle While Shaving

Wow. The day you actually decide to deviate from NoShavember, you slice open your ankle and manage to bleed out all over your already grimy dorm bathroom. It makes you want to stop shaving altogether and wear long pants for the foreseeable future. We take long enough to get ready, and having an open wound that won’t stop bleeding doesn’t make us go any faster.

2. Putting on a Bra

First off, a man invented these constricting contraptions to make our ‘girls’ more shapely. So there’s that. Wearing bras sucks, but most girls wear them everyday. I know I do. However, the invention of those super cute ‘bralettes’ does help this daily grind. And there is nothing worse in the world after coming home, taking your bra off, and then having to put it back on for a nighttime event.

3. The Decision to Actually Wear Makeup

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Ok, well maybe we do. However, the event when I wear makeup to class correlates with whether or not I’ll see my sexy TA or group partner. But for going out at night, it’s difficult to pick which look to go for. Do we choose a smokey eye, bold red lip, or winged eyeliner? The options are endless.

4. Having Your Hair Ruined

College Park is a constant wind tunnel, and it will turn your tamed waves into an instant rats nest. The blustery winds manage to undo your whole morning routine and revert your hair to its bed-head state.

5. To Cheeseburger or to Salad?

Girls love fried food, and if a girl says she hates it, then she’s a liar and should not  be trusted. I love junk food, but I also hate the gym. So it’s a lose-lose situation. That’s why I feel a pang of confusion whenever I try to decide between Chick-Fil-A and SaladWorks. And don’t even get me started on the fight to decide whether to go to the gym or not after pigging out on some large fries.

6. Carrying a Bag EVERYWHERE

Everyone should always have their phone, wallet, and keys. While guys have cavernous pockets that can hold all of that and more, our skinny jeans can barely contain a tampon. So we are then forced to carry around a bag of some sort, that always results in carrying more junk. Let’s also not forget how we also have a tendency, to well forget and leave our bags at any place possible.

7. Over Analyzing Everything

As women, we’re hardwired to analyze every little detail of our life. We need to hone in on every particular facet whether it’s us deciphering a text from a guy, why we haven’t gotten our period, or why one of our girl friends said something bitchy. It can be exhausting, but it’s something we can’t turn off.

8. Your Manicure Chipping

You decide to treat yourself to a manicure, and when you leave the salon it looks perfect. However, one scuffle with your keys or a doorknob leaves your $15 manicure a chipped and messy waste.

9. Losing your Chapstick

When your lips are as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and everything seems perfect with your Burts Bees on hand. Things can instantly take a turn for the worst when it feels like your lips will fall off any second and your little egg Chapstick is nowhere to be found. It is especially detrimental with the winter fast approaching where licking your lips simply won’t do.

10. Dealing with Guys

This one takes the cake. Everyday we have to converse with people, aka boys, who just don’t get us. They don’t understand why we need to gossip, eat copious amounts of kale, or travel in packs when we go to the bathroom. Those with a Y chromosome like to think they understand girls, but they have no clue what it’s like to be a girl, which makes it incredibly frustrating to actually speak with them.

There you go, ladies. Next time you’re having a terrible day dealing with the struggle that is being a girl, remember you are not alone. Comment below if you agree with me or with some of your own daily problems!

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  1. This is offensive. You’re in college- I hope you have more to deal with than the dilemma of whether or not to wear makeup and put on a bra. Read a book, please.

  2. It’s not that hard to “stay in shape” if you’re a girl. If you like to eat a lot of greasy junk, exercise accordingly to lose that excess energy, it’s not rocket science. This isn’t enough if you’re a man wanting to have an ideal body that the opposite sex admires; men actually need to work out to get muscle mass to look good.

    You women really should stop complaining when it’s easier for you to achieve the perfect body. Not to mention that you have the privilege to compensate your appearance with makeup and high-heeled shoes if you happen to have bad genetics.

  3. omg this is so true! what i hate the most is when i choose special clothes, use makeup and wear a skirt only toget stared by those creepy neckbeards and the guy i like doesn’t even seem to notice… guys have it so easy it’s freakin unfair

  4. I, for one, enjoyed the article. I’m pretty sure I have all of these problems on a daily basis. Don’t listen to the hate. 🙂

  5. I must confess that, as a fully-abled English-speaking privileged heterosexual white male, I briefly entertained the idea of writing an article entitled “10 Daily Struggles College Boys Encounter” to sort of mirror this one but then I took a deep breath and realized that by re-focusing the discussion on my problems as a male (which are, to be fair, almost inexistent) I would be appropriating the well thought-out points made by the strong (and independent) wymyn who wrote this blog post. So I apologize for thinking that in the first place.

    A note to the men: If you don’t agree with her article, you have the right to do so but please keep it to yourself! Feminists are tired of your incessant “What about teh menz??!” attitude. You’re not a wymyn so you have no right to deny her right to express her thoughts. Take a good look in the mirror and recognize your male privilege before you speak.

    I want to apologize in the name of all men for all the negative comments you might receive, Maggie… Sometimes I think that, if all the other men were a bit more like me, able to take a step back and appreciate wymyn for their inherent value, this would be a much better world.

    But, unfortunately, most men are not like me.

  6. I love when people take the time to read these type of “list” articles, then complain about how “offensive” or “stupid” they are. Can you say….HATERS!


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