Till Graduation Do Us Part: The Ultimate UMD Bucket List

After four years of attending this amazing university (don’t worry super seniors, this technically involves you too), there are several things you, as a fellow Terp, need to accomplish before graduating and entering the real world (or just going back home to mooch off of your parents for another year…get your shit together). I say if you manage to check-off at least 50 percent of this bucket list, you’re doing all right. Complete the entire list and you’ve just made the most of your college experience, my friend so kudos to you. Let’s take a look at the bucket list you might want to complete before your time as a college student in good old College Park is up!

1.)  Jump in the fountain on the mall (Yeah, you saw that coming).

2.)  Have sex in the stacks of Mckeldin (Okay, that too).

3.)  Walk of shame (Guys and girls).

4.)  Sneak into Byrd Stadium.

5.)  Sneak into the baseball stadium and run the bases (Sobriety not preferred).

6.)  Go to happy hour and stay out all night.

7.)  Start a dance party in Mckeldin like this.

8.)  Go to a College Park strip club with your friends.

9.)  Have sex somewhere on the mall.

10.) Go out every single day of the week for one week straight (Two weeks and it might be time to reevaluate some things).

11.) Eat the entire goblet of ice cream at Adele’s.

12.) Hangout with a professor outside of class.

13.) Befriend the bouncers at Bentleys, Cornerstone, Barking Dog and/or Terrapin Turf.

14.) Have a friend with benefits at some point in your college career.

15.) Pull an all-nighter without the help of Adderall/Ritalin/Vyvanse (You get the idea).

16.) Befriend the dining staff at stamp or the dining hall to get free food.

17.) Take an exam completely drunk.

18.) Watch the sunrise from Mckeldin and instagram that shit.

19.) Study abroad somewhere you’ve never been before.

20.) Pass a class without doing ANY of the work or even showing up.

21.) Make friends with every single brother/sister of a fraternity/sorority.

22.) Get quoted in the Diamondback.

23.) Go on a date with someone you met through Tinder.

24.) Get a naked picture with Testudo.

25.) Take the human sexuality class (Hope you get a spot).

26.) Learn your alcohol and drug limits/preferences via trial and error.

27.) Attempt a bus flip (Good luck.. and don’t try before midnight).

28.) Join some sort of club, fraternity/sorority, sports team or other group on campus (Optional to show face).

29.) Date someone you have NOTHING in common with (Ya never know!).

30.) Graduate.

Comment with your number one bucket list item and the most creative one will win $15 dollars off any purchase at Unwritten!


  1. This has got to be the worst college bucket list I’ve ever read. I really hope people have not actually followed that shit.

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