A Simple Reminder to Give Your Sibling A Hug

There is a national day dedicated to celebrating them. They were most likely in the passenger seat when you hit the curb with your dad’s car and they have kept it a secret to this day. They are the cornerstones of your family, and they are truly the best. Whether you have brothers or sisters, younger or older – your siblings are a special kind of best friend because their love is unconditional.

The relationship between siblings is like none other in the entire world. A major contributor to this phenomenon is that your life stories are practically identical. You were (probably) born around the same time, meaning you both remember the anticipation of Christmas morning, and you both experienced running down the street to catch the ice cream truck in your childhood neighborhood. They understand you like no one else in the world because they know all of the unique corners of your life that have shaped the adult you’ve become.

Because of this awesome understanding between sibs, you can always count on having at least one person in your immediate world that is sincerely interested in your life. It may not always be out of admiration – let’s face it, they hate the way you chew your cereal –but it’s interest nonetheless. They have a desire to see you succeed and find happiness, because they put in effort in molding your character and want to see their efforts succeed.

Since they’re around all the time (literally, All. The. Time.), they also challenge you and encourage self-improvement. There is definitely nothing wrong with a little bit of competition, especially if the sibling rivalry pushes you out of your comfort zone and into an adventure. A great part of having a brother or sister is that even when they aren’t around – whether they’re camping for the weekend or gone to school until Thanksgiving – they’re only a text or a phone call away, they always pick up and they always listen.

Bonus: brothers and sisters make everything waaaaaay more fun. A car ride becomes a dance party, a drive to the gas station becomes an ice cream stop, and a stuffy family wedding becomes a hilarious opportunity to film some dance dares. The ease with which you can be yourself around your sib is liberating and exciting, and this ease adds excitement to even the dullest family reunions.

You never really understand the amazing attribute of altruism until you understand sibling relationships. It is truly a form of love that you can’t duplicate or replace. You may be in the car beside your brother yell-singing “Our Lips Are Sealed” right now or fighting with your sister over who gets first dibs in the shower –just make sure you find them and give them a freakin’ giant bear hug. They are your worst enemy, your best friend and your soul mate all wrapped into one. Thank them for everything they are as much as you can –they are one in a million, and they’re by your side every step of the way.

Featured image via Patty Brito on Unsplash


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