7 Types Of Software Every New Business Should Have

As a brand-new entrepreneur, you have plenty to think about. But there is yet another thing you need to add to your to-do list: Shopping for the right software for your business. You may be wondering, though, how to start the process. If so, read on to learn about some software your company might need.

1. High-level systems software

One of the first things you need to do is to set up a computer network for your company. This will involve dealing with high-level system software like Kubernetes Azure. Unless you are a computer whiz, you probably can’t set up this level of software on your own. If you’ve hired a regular IT professional to work for your company, leave it to them. Otherwise, bring in a freelance IT expert to get this part of your business up and running. You will also have to make sure you get regular updates and maintenance.

2. Website software

Your website is one of the major marketing tools, so you will need a program to build and maintain it. If you want to keep things simple, at least at first, you can use WordPress or something similar. But if you’re feeling ambitious, you could turn to something like Dreamweaver, which offers more tools and options for design. Also, consider security, payment methods, and cx, especially if your customers will make purchases through your site.

3. Accounting software

Accounting software is essential for your business. You need a program to help you fully track your income, expenses, bills, invoices, debts, tax requirements, and more. It should also offer a full line of reports, allowing you to see exactly where your business stands financially at all times. So, look for programs that will enable you to invoice customers directly, keep registers for your bank and credit card accounts, calculate payroll, and file taxes. Luckily, many programs incorporate all of these elements. But you may choose to use two or three different programs — one for bookkeeping, another for payroll, and a third for taxes, for example. Just be sure to transfer data correctly to maintain complete accuracy.

4. Communication software

You have to communicate easily with your customers and within your company, which means using efficient communication software like email programs and collaboration networks. For in-office communication, for instance, you might use something like Slack, which allows your employees to interact through various “channels” based on project, team, or topic. It also provides voice chat, video conferencing, private messaging, and much more.

5. Productivity software

Productivity software can run the gamut from word-processing programs to advanced project management tools. So you’ll want to choose programs that fit the nature and needs of your company. Have a program that allows your employees to work together efficiently by sharing and editing documents. Also, you’ll need to provide database and spreadsheet options with advanced features.

6. Time tracking software

Since you want to pay your employees fairly, you must provide a way for them to track their work hours. And this means finding some time tracking software. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should give your employees a way to record and submit their hours. You might also include calendar and task tracking features to help employees better manage their time.

7. Industry-specific software

Finally, you may need some software that is specific to your industry. For example, if your business is in the automotive field, you must invest in the latest diagnostic software and one that interacts with a vehicle’s onboard computer.

Computers and software are a part of life and business, so you’ll have to invest in the programs you’ll need for your company to flourish. Hopefully, this list gives you a place to start.

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