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Farah wants to make the world a beautiful place by inspiring people through her writing. She writes about love, heartbreak, women’s empowerment, sex, astrology, self-identity and self-growth. She hopes in her writing, you will find what you’re searching for.

To The Ones Who Take Me For Granted, I’m Done Being Nice To You

This is to the ones who took me for granted, the...

6 Signs You Might Have Daddy Issues

Daddy issues, don’t we all have them at some point? It’s...

10 Obvious Signs Your Almost Relationship Has No Future

Almost relationships are tricky because they give us the illusion of...

4 Things He Really Wants You To Be Doing In Bed

Your guy wants you to tell him what you want. He...

4 Reasons Guys Can’t Be Themselves Around A Girl They Like

As we all know guys are incredibly hard to read. They...

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